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From product development, to campaign measurement, to consumer insights - we make it our business to learn every social intelligence use-case inside out.

Learn how to make social data work for your business with our practical and inspiring guides.

Social Listening in Practice: SEO & Content Strategy

Practical advice on using social data to enhance SEO and content strategies. Learn how to:
  • Create content that resonates
  • Develop a real-time marketing strategy
  • Use social media for keyword research
  • Uncover potential backlinks
  • Implement an SEO-focused influencer strategy

Thoughts on Social: The Hidden Value of a Social Strategy

This whitepaper introduces several areas where the benefits of a strong social strategy are hidden, specifically covering:
  • Word-of-mouth recommendations
  • Customer service
  • Market research
  • Employee Engagement

Social Listening in Practice: Social Selling

This guide contains practical tips and real-world examples of social selling in action. Read this guide to learn how to:
  • Identify sales-ready leads across the web
  • Build authentic relationships with prospects
  • Monitor industry trends to discover new sales opportunities
  • Poach prospects from your competitors and discover competitive advantages

Social Listening in Practice: PR Measurement

In this guide, we’ll share how PR professionals can:
  • Create measurement frameworks that reveal the impact of their work
  • Use social listening as a faster, more expansive alternative to traditional media monitoring
  • Impress clients by showing how their work influences brand reputation
  • Learn from case studies that examine the success of real-life PR campaigns

Social Listening in Practice: Market Research

With the rise of social media, a new opportunity has dawned for market research. Read this guide how social listening can help the market researcher:
  • Conduct detailed audience research
  • Analyze consumer buying behavior
  • Measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns
  • Enhance research with real-time data

Social Listening in Practice: Campaign Measurement

This guide offers practical advice on how to measure any campaign objective including:
  • Brand awareness and share of voice
  • Consumer sentiment and engagement
  • Sales, lead generation and the effectiveness of call to actions
  • Return on investment

Social Listening in Practice: Reputation & Crisis Monitoring

This guide includes practical advice and real-world case studies from Boeing & Asiana, Beverly Hills Hotel & United Airlines. Learn how to:
  • Identify a crisis in time
  • Intelligently assess the damage and escalate accordingly
  • Respond quickly and effectively
  • Build a robust crisis management system

Social Listening in Practice: Influencer Marketing

This guide includes tips and real-world case studies on all aspects of influencer marketing. You will learn:
  • How influencer marketing works
  • How to identify relevant influencers
  • How to determine which influencers are the best fit for your brand
  • How to create campaign objectives and measure success