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Market Research

Traditional market research is time-consuming and costly. Brandwatch gives you access to the world’s largest pool of online consumer discussion and industry leading AI so you can answer critical business questions fast and grow market share.

Real-time results

Collecting and analyzing data from surveys and focus groups can take weeks. Get insights with Brandwatch in real time so you can anticipate and adapt to change quickly.

Next-gen market research

Traditional market research can only get you so far. Leverage Brandwatch’s powerful audience analytics and survey social panels of millions to reveal deep qualitative insights at scale and discover trends you didn’t know to look for.

Global trend spotting made easy

With access to the world’s largest archive of consumer opinions dating back to 2010, you can analyze trends in historical context. Whether it’s hair trends in Asia, an eco-movement in Europe, or changing diets in America, with Brandwatch you can understand and predict evolving consumer needs.

Impactful reporting
 beyond silos

Bring the voice of the customer to every department in your organization. Distribute insights directly to decision makers with flexible data storytelling capabilities and eye-catching, live reporting.

Why Brandwatch?

Without Brandwatch

Spend weeks collecting and analyzing data with traditional methods

Miss vital insights you didn’t know to look for

Struggle to move faster than disruptive competitors

With Brandwatch

Analyze data instantly and produce insights in real time

Discover all the trends that matter with the largest pool of unsolicited consumer opinion

Find unique insights that the competition have missed

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Want to see live online opinion?

Analyze conversations from online consumers, with over 10 years of historical data to play with. Get answers instantly and collect data in real-time.

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  • Fast: receive results in seconds rather than weeks

  • Broad: go beyond focus groups and look at the largest pool of online discussion

  • Experts: leverage our team of experts to level-up your work

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