Social intelligence out in the wild.

Our customers, some of the world’s most successful brands and agencies, have been kind enough to share their insights and experiences with us.

From Cathay Pacific, to Walmart, to the BBC, here you can find case studies that share practical examples of how social intelligence has benefited their organizations.

Brandwatch provided Wargaming with a 360 degree view of its player’s experience, helping them to bring the voice of the customer into the business.
Understand how AOL used Brandwatch Analytics to reveal consumer insights on the automotive industry that, without social intelligence, would have been missed.
Discover how a food manufacturing giant used Brandwatch to identify a campaign opportunity that generated $580,000 in sales.
Learn how VICE analyzed the viewing habits of their millennial audience to support UK launch of VICELAND TV.
How FOX Networks turned Facebook Live data into actionable insights
Jack in the Box worked with Brandwatch to identify influencers and measure the success of content amongst its audience.
In this case study, learn how Cathay Pacific uses social data to help inform the whole business, globally.
Publicis Groupe used Brandwatch Analytics to perform a detailed analysis of their New Year campaign, and used this data to drive insights for its future corporate campaigns.
In this case study, Chandler Wilson, the Director of Analytics & Insights at Walmart, discusses how he uses Brandwatch to tackle the challenges of spreading social insights across the second largest brand in the world.
In this case study, The Guardian used Brandwatch Analytics to increase its volume of mobile users among the 18-24 year old bracket by 18%.
In this case study, Which? used Brandwatch Analytics and the Vizia platform to generate awareness around their #RailRefunds campaign and made the hashtag trend within 3 hours.
The Economist used the Vizia platform to amplify the online conversation beyond the three locations and capture the world’s reaction to the debate during the 24-hour event.