Artificial Intelligence Code of Ethics


1. Why does this matter?

‘Artificial Intelligence’ and ‘Machine Learning’ augment or sometimes replace human intelligence to make decisions. When analysis and decision-making no longer rely on human participation, the public often becomes understandably concerned, and consequently this has become an area of priority for regulators. Where we are dealing with such massive data sets, including data belonging to vulnerable groups, it is not enough to rely on Legitimate Interests and call it a day. We need to always be purposeful in what we do with the data we have, regardless of its source. Especially when we are talking about images and videos from public social media sources.

2. What we do matters and people notice

As the global leaders in consumer intelligence and communications, we enable public relations, marketing, and communications professionals around the world to understand and amplify their stories. What we provide is powerful and as industry leaders, it is incumbent upon us to lead thoughtfully and influence the market in positive ways for all stakeholders. If we are careless with the data we provide and process, it puts our business, our customers, and even data subjects at risk. 

When Cision and Brandwatch employ AI or Machine Learning,  our methodologies will not be a mysterious black box. We will be open and transparent in our intended use of these technologies including any appropriate limitations, risks, or restrictions.

3. We shall clearly articulate the following

  1. What using such technology will achieve
  2. The benefits and potential risks of using such technologies
  3. The steps we take to identify and mitigate risks where possible
  4. Data subjects’ rights – which will provide individuals an understanding into how we process their data. When AI and Machine Learning is involved, we’ll explain how and for what purpose.

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