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About Facebook

As one of the largest social networks in the world, Facebook is a critical marketing channel and source of global consumer opinion. With this partnership, you have the ability to to track conversations, post directly to your Facebook Business Profiles and even benchmark yourself against your competitors. 

In Our Products

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Consumer Research

With a whole host of conversations happening on Facebook, you can use Consumer Research to track up to 400 days of historical data for owned, non-owned Facebook pages. Track the likes, comments, shares to view how your audience is talking about your brand. 

Monitor all of the Facebook dark posts published on your pages too so you can see how successful your advertisements are!

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Develop your personalized Facebook influencer Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, enabling you to efficiently handle influencer connections, track progress, and streamline communication. You can also discover influencers across Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, and check if they also have a presence on Facebook, using Influence.

Through Campaigns, you can gather comprehensive metrics that furnish you with valuable insights such as audience per post, engagement rate, impressions, reach, and much more! This empowers you with real-time campaign reporting, delivering verified statistics for accurate analysis.

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With Publish it is easy to manage your Facebook activity alongside your other social media channels. Easily draft, schedule and publish content on Facebook using Brandwatch’s collaboration workflows, the unified calendar and shared library – or track which organic posts perform well and turn them into ads in just one click. Create engaging content faster and save precious time using Publish.

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Connect with your Facebook audience using Engage. Reply with a text or reactions to a Facebook DM, reviews, comments on your own posts or page mentions and more. Set up feeds and messaging automations to make sure no mention or comment- no matter how big or small – goes unanswered. Use Engage’s collaboration workflows; labels, notes, and assignments to engage faster and save precious time using Brandwatch. 

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Get access to 12 months of historical Facebook data within our Social Media Management tool – connect and authenticate your own Facebook Business Page to gather even more powerful insights into how your content is being received and what your consumers think about your brand.

Monitor all of the Facebook dark posts published on your pages too so you can see how successful your advertisements are!

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Elevate your Facebook ad campaigns with our all-in-one interface in Advertise. Effortlessly create impactful campaigns and ads, track and analyze results across multiple accounts and social networks all from one single interface to optimize your content and achieve better results.

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With Measure, you will be able to measure, analyze, and understand the performance of your organic, paid, and boosted Facebook posts, videos, and Reels. Gain insights from metrics such as: likes, reactions, shares, comments, link clicks, video plays, and engagement rate. Leverage these powerful indicators to curate impactful messaging that resonates with your audience.

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Compare your brand to competitors and industry leaders to build a winning social strategy. Get access to the most recent Facebook metrics and insights to analyze your social performance against competition – from follow engagement rate to reach and impressions. Use AI-powered metrics such as estimated reach and impressions to gauge your brand awareness against the competition. 

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