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Flying Tiger

Nurturing digital relationships is tough when you’re an offline business, but Flying Tiger Copenhagen found an easy solution.

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CASE STUDYFlying Tiger

Flying Tiger Copenhagen is a rapidly expanding brand of design stores owned by Zebra A/S.

It designs its own wares, which are a broad assortment of smaller household, leisure, and lifestyle items. All are crafted with a signature style that falls at varying degrees between Danish practicality and quirkiness.

Founded in Copenhagen, Denmark, the brand has exploded internationally and now has 643 stores in 28 countries and counting. On average it opens three stores each week and launched its US presence in 2015.


Flying Tiger Copenhagen’s core challenge boiled down to this: using digital means to boost business for a primarily brick and mortar chain.

  • Being an offline retailer posed the challenge of sourcing useful data from customers. The brand needed to be able to collect customer data cost-effectively, without compromising on customer experience.
  • There was no clear view or in-depth understanding of target audiences.
  • There was no system to organize customer data or connect marketing campaigns across the globe.
  • The brand’s product assortment changes monthly, so it was difficult to activate or inspire people to return.

Flying Tiger had an impressive social following across Facebook and Instagram, but wasn’t capitalizing on it.


With the addition of Audience to our platform, Flying Tiger Copenhagen now has a centralized system of record for all its customer data. For the first time it has a clear overview and understanding of its customer demographics, enabling the team to deliver more personalized communication efficiently to all customers at scale.

More than 128.5K individual customer profiles have been indexed with Audience. Machine learning algorithms help to detect profile genders (for 73% of the profiles so far) and interest topics.

The profiles are aggregated into custom segments, enabling the brand to drive more personalized customer support and content through its social channels. They use our publishing tools to do this, which includes the option of paid Facebook and Instagram ads.

Flying Tiger Copenhagen’s marketing teams also employ our social listening and analytics tools to measure success, and adapt campaigns and strategy accordingly. On a local level, we empower their community managers to make data-driven decisions without needing to defer to a data-analyst.

Turning footfall into data, to drive more footfallCrucially for Flying Tiger Copenhagen, its marketing team can use the Build tool to foster relationships in-store that can be continued online. Build allows any marketer to create responsive web pages, including forms such as sign-ups. The data collected populates Audience and informs far more personalized communication, which drives vastly improved customer experiences and loyalty.


Audience growth

  • 128.5K individual customer profiles indexed
  • 73% gender registered
  • 32% increase in fan numbers
  • 800 profiles gained per week

Community management

  • 10K Facebook comments and messages received per month
  • 1500 responses sent out by community managers every month
  • Response time is kept below 24 hours


With us, Flying Tiger Copenhagen can now:

  • Centralize campaigns and data with a single platform used across markets and teams
  • Understand who its customers are and tailor content to be more relevant
  • Improve the customer experience across touchpoints using individual profiles
  • Continue in-store relationships online thanks to easy-to-create responsive web pages
  • Integrate e-mail strategy with social media
“The platform has the potential to revolutionize the way we build and execute our marketing strategy here at Flying Tiger Copenhagen. As a global offline retail brand, our biggest challenge is understanding who our target customers are, and what their purchase journey is - across all markets. We’re keen to build digital relationships with our customers to gain this visibility, and the platform has allowed us to do this easily”
— Klaus Vemmer, Head of Global Marketing at Flying Tiger Copenhagen

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