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Glossier + TikTok

Learn how Glossier is using Brandwatch's Social Media Management solution to connect with its TikTok audience.

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CASE STUDYGlossier + TikTok

In this case study, you'll discover how Glossier implemented and launched its first TikTok celebrity partnership ever. Using Brandwatch's Engage and Measure modules, the brand saw a 1,002% increase in new fans across their social channels. Plus, learn how Brandwatch's account management team were able to help Glossier reach their goals on TikTok.

The challenge

Glossier is a leading skincare and beauty brand. With a young target demographic, social media is the ideal way to interact with their audience to drive brand awareness. Yet, getting in front of fans can be tricky. They needed a tool which would allow them to reach their full potential.

As a global company, Glossier's social media and customer experience teams work worldwide across multiple time zones. Their team saw a lot of overlap across time zones and ownership, so it was important that they had full visibility of their internal processes. To collaborate effectively, they needed accountability for which team members completed actions across their channels.

Glossier have been using Brandwatch tools for over four years for their social media management and wanted to take a new approach with their TikTok presence. Ahead of the launch of our TikTok integration, Glossier were selected for our TikTok Alpha testing process. This allowed them access to features before anyone else, and gave them the opportunity to run one of their biggest campaigns yet.

The goals

Glossier wanted to see success with the launch of their first celebrity partnership campaign. Teaming up with a popular celebrity, the teams needed to scope the whole process – from teaser clips to the full launch, all on TikTok.

A main goal was wanting to see new fans following and interacting with their brand’s profile. They wanted to see how celebrity endorsement could help them raise brand awareness, gain more engagements, and increase the number of followers.

Equally, Glossier wanted to develop a close relationship with their audience. They wanted to offer a safe space for customers to interact with the brand, say hello, and build value. Their audience responds well to casual and quirky replies, so developing a friendly and memorable brand presence on TikTok was essential.

“I think people are so excited to hear from brands that they like. It makes people feel more connected. If you’re meeting people where they’re at, in a way that makes them feel comfortable, people who are big fans are excited to have that relationship.”
— Courtney Carmona, gTEAM Editor, Glossier

The campaign

Glossier began teasing their partnership with the celebrity on TikTok. They posted fun and playful videos to entice fans into the excitement.

They usually have a high number of comments per video, and with this campaign they expected the number to skyrocket. This can be difficult to handle natively on TikTok’s app, so having the Brandwatch platform in place with clear and simple replying capabilities was essential.

Glossier also needed to closely monitor the number of engagements per video, and potentially the growth of fans correlated to the partnership. Equally, they wanted to track their key SLAs with more accuracy.

Thanks to Brandwatch’s Engage and Measure modules, Glossier’s Customer Experience team were able to manage high amounts of comments coming from the TikTok campaign, and measure results with accuracy.

The testing process

Ahead of Brandwatch's social media management partnership with TikTok, Glossier were selected for our Alpha testing process. This allowed them exclusive access to the solution, where they could test the features before anyone else.

Throughout Glossier’s user testing journey, they fed us continuous feedback on what was working and what could be improved. For example, originally Engage didn’t include TikTok usernames on the comment functionality. However, with feedback from Glossier these were quickly added in. The team noted that it was helpful to understand which customers were regular commenters, so they could build strong relationships with their audience.

The result

Glossier’s campaign saw a 1,002% increase in net new fans across all their social channels. They saw the highest spike in new fans ever experienced by the brand. By being able to easily manage the influx of interactions on the campaign’s videos, Glossier was able to connect with the celebrity’s fans, and convert them into Glossier TikTok followers. Their Customer Experience team could smoothly and effortlessly handle an incredible amount of interactions through Engage, which enabled the team to never leave a comment as ‘unread’.

“We used to reply to Instagram DMs through a phone. [Team members] would use guesswork and stuff gets lost in the cracks. Whereas, when you have a tool like this, everything is there and has to be visibly marked done, so you’re never missing out on anything.”
— Courtney Carmona, gTEAM Editor, Glossier

Using Measure’s reporting capabilities, Glossier could attribute new followers per video, so they could see exactly which content resonated with new fans. This allowed them to do more of what worked, to see even better results.

The next steps

After the success of the campaign, Glossier is keen to keep up the momentum. The brand has recently started a new creative strategy called ‘PR unboxing.’ This involves utilizing the impact of micro influencers on TikTok. By using small-scale social media influencers to showcase their products, they’re able to reach new fans in a more intimate way. So far, this has proven to be a successful and engaging format.

“Success for us means being able to continue to measure and iterate our social engagement process within our team. It’s really helpful to see a holistic view, and it’s very helpful to pull reports to see what’s working and what’s not.”
— Cati Pishal, CX Manager, Glossier

By continuing to interact with their audience in a friendly and quirky way, Glossier can expect to see a continued growth in die-hard fans who follow the brand closely. For this to work, keeping on top of their comments is vital, and Brandwatch helps them do this seamlessly.

“It’s really nice to have everything located in one space. It’s so nice to be able to see all of the different channels lined up on the platform to create a good flow of working, interacting, and collaborating with one another.”
— Ariela Rose, gTEAM Editor, Glossier

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