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Low-Fi Concerts

Building a solid social media strategy on a budget is a challenge, but we made it possible for Low-Fi Concerts

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CASE STUDYLow-Fi Concerts

Any digital marketing manager knows that smart social media management is key to a successful business plan. For marketing pros at small businesses, though, that’s easier said than done. Building a solid social media strategy on a budget is a challenge, but we made it possible for Low-Fi Concerts.

Low-Fi Concerts connects musicians with private hosts, and they organize concerts together and build communities of music lovers in Denmark and Sweden. The marketers at Low-Fi Concerts knew that social media marketing was the best way to spread awareness and bring in new audiences for their events. The team also realized that executing a strategy without a social media management tool would be difficult and time consuming. Still, as a small entity, they couldn’t afford an expensive platform. With us, they’ve found the perfect solution at a reasonable price.

The Challenge

Drafting and publishing posts are some of the essential tasks on any social manager’s list. Previously, the Low-Fi Concerts team had an elaborate setup for social media publishing, but they didn’t find it efficient.

They used a Trello board to plan out their social media calendar and an Excel sheet to prepare copy and captions for each post. The team collaborated via Google Drive to store and share assets and finished off their tool stack with Slack messages to get feedback and approval on each planned post.

They had to toggle between all these tools to put together a single post and wasted valuable time looking for (and losing) assets, feedback, and copy in different places. Also, they had no opportunity to preview posts before publishing—meaning they just had to guess how their social feeds would look each time.The Low-Fi Concerts didn’t have a substantial budget for an elaborate social media tool as a small team. But we had the perfect solution to meet their needs.

“The Preview Function is a game-changer. We used to just have to guess what everything would look like once it was published – now we can see everything.”
— Kristoffe Biglete, Growth Manager, Low-Fi Concerts

The Opportunity

As soon as the team at Low-Fi Concerts started using our solution, its highly visual social media calendar impressed them. It allowed the Low-Fi Concerts team to see all their scheduled posts over the next day, week, or month, giving them a clear social strategy overview.

One feature of Publish stood out to them, and that was the post previews. It lets users see what each post will look like once published, on desktop or mobile.

On the community management side, social inbox functionality has been a game-changer for Low-Fi Concerts. In Engage, community managers can collect all post comments, DMs, dark posts, and ads to reply to each customer.

The Low-Fi Concerts team could easily organize and reply to each customer on social. They could also create templated answers for frequently asked questions and mark messages as read once they were answered. This enabled the team to speak directly to more customers than ever before, providing timely and personalized messages to each audience member.

The Result

For the team at Low-Fi Concerts, the difference between before and after using our solution was significant. From publishing to community management, tasks that once took an hour and a half to accomplish could now be done in 30 minutes.

The team also uses our pre-built reports to track their KPIs. This helps them rank each post’s performance and get an overview of what’s working and what’s not. In this way, they can improve their digital marketing strategy without wasting time organizing data manually. The team uses our labeling features to build smart data-driven reports quickly

The Low-Fi Concerts team, which started in Denmark, launched a Swedish office with social channels to match their marketing strategy. And that process wouldn’t be possible without our help. They could create multiple campaigns with different content and languages for their new regions. With our easy-to-use labeling system, the Low-Fi Concerts social team keeps all their content organized as they scale their team. With so much time saved and work improved, we make it easier for small businesses to grow with social media marketing.

“As we expand our team, we can publish multiple social campaigns to target specific regions. Before, none of that social growth would have been possible.”
— Kristoffe Biglete, Growth Manager, Low-Fi Concerts

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