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Case study

Mahaka Radio Integra

How Brandwatch helped Indonesian broadcasting giant Mahaka Radio Integra boost business across their stations during the pandemic with fast, actionable consumer insights

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Case studyMahaka Radio Integra

Mahaka Radio Integra oversees seven major radio stations in Indonesia. Command Center Lead Putra Priyandara is a Brandwatch power-user, responsible for data analytics and producing key insights on consumer behavior that drive revenue. In this case study, he’ll share how Brandwatch helped his organization to achieve:

  • Three times higher engagement from prospective advertisers
  • Up to 60% increase in listenership, through insight-driven content
  • 30% increase in online engagement from consumers

Putra’s team serves as a command centre, with high demand from across the organization. Their insights help with all kinds of activities, including informing pitches to advertisers, improving radio station content, and managing and creating engaging content for social media.

How Brandwatch helped boost advertising business during the pandemic

With the Covid-19 pandemic hitting Indonesia hard since the start of 2020, most companies were forced to shut or work from home. This had major implications on TV and radio stations that are only equipped to function from a studio, making it impossible for them to transition to a home environment overnight.

But this didn’t phase Mahaka Radio Integra. Instead, it became a pioneer in home radio broadcasting –  an initiative that no one thought would have worked out so well.

But the pandemic also brought further challenges for the company to face.

Many people assume that consumers only listen to the radio when driving in their cars and, as a result, there was hesitance around advertising on radio stations. Afterall, with many people in lockdown, surely no one would be tuning in.

With Brandwatch Consumer Research, Putra’s team discovered that consumers were enjoying the radio stations’ home broadcasting programming from home, with a 30% increase in the volume of mentions online around their broadcasts. This was further backed up by further research his team did that indicated many consumers who often listened to the radio in the car had switched to listening from home.

Putra and his team were able to equip sales people with these insights, meaning they were better prepared to pitch to skeptical advertisers.

"Brandwatch Consumer Research has assisted us in our pitches. We are able to pull out all kinds of insights on what people are saying, if it is positive or negative, if there are any specific mentions of a product or service, and lots more. In the case of the pandemic, we were able to provide insights used in pitches, showing that consumers are listening to radio from home. We were able to provide our clients with both insights and proposals that gave them the confidence to advertise with us."
— Putra Priyandara, Command Centre Lead, Mahaka Radio Integra, Indonesia

Putra says that the team has seen a three times increase in engagement from advertising clients, thanks to their improved pitching.

“Another good thing about Brandwatch is we are able to bring these insights with us for ongoing and future conversations with our clients. A lot of brands did not know that we are able to provide this level of insight and, as a result, are keen to have a conversation with us.”
— Putra Priyandara, Command Centre Lead, Mahaka Radio Integra, Indonesia

Insights-driven content and improvements in listenership

With the confidence to continue broadcasting from home, Mahaka Radio Integra focused their efforts on improving programming to drive high engagement and listenership.

They discovered (through Brandwatch Consumer Research) what consumers are talking about and monitored their competitors’ activities. Insights derived from this analysis gave them innovative ideas for exciting radio content, setting them up as a trailblazer in interesting new campaigns.

Overall, this insight-driven content brought about a 20% increase in listenership across all their stations from Q1 2020. In one case, a station’s listenership figures were up 60%.

A strong future with social listening

With the shift to more online initiatives and monitoring needed, Putra believes that social data will play a big role in Mahaka Radio Integra’s future.

Internal stakeholders are leaning on his team more and more as the data centre that can provide them with the key information they need to build excellent content and effective pitches.

This also means that there will be a heavier reliance on Brandwatch to deliver insights based on his team’s requirements, and on Putra’s team to apply these insights effectively. Luckily, Putra is happy with the tools he has at his disposal – especially in regard to flexibility.

“From my experience with social listening tools, flexibility is very important. Brandwatch has been able to provide my team with the flexibility to not only look at consumer opinion and trends over time, but also to analyze what’s important to us more effectively and accurately.”
— Putra Priyandara, Command Centre Lead, Mahaka Radio Integra, Indonesia

Putra’s team’s agility, coupled with the use of Brandwatch Consumer Research, has helped Mahaka Radio Integra to react quickly to the events of an unpredictable year.


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