Ogilvy & Vizia – Curate & Create

Using data to reveal the bigger picture

Ogilvy, one of the world’s largest creative agencies, used Brandwatch Vizia to power a bespoke digital content hub at Social Media Week, London’s premier digital event.

Ogilvy partnered with the National Gallery, one of the most visited art museums in the world, to create a digital content hub deep within the museum.

As global leaders in creating award-winning content, Ogilvy were looking for a premium data visualization product that had the power and capabilities to provide their team with real-time, insightful social intelligence, but was also visually complementary to the many beautiful paintings within the National Gallery.

Ogilvy picked Brandwatch Vizia, a real-time social intelligence hub, to curate and create content for Social Media Week. The team used Vizia to listen to social conversations about their talks at Social Media Week, enabling them to create content that resonated with attendees in real-time.

Brandwatch Vizia is a real-time social intelligence multi-screen display system that helps teams make better, faster decisions. Try out Brandwatch Vizia to take your social intelligence to the next level.

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