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That Hashtag Girl

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CASE STUDYThat Hashtag Girl

In September 2020, Emily Bennett decided to take the leap and transition from her corporate job to launch That Hashtag Girl, a digital marketing agency focused primarily on social media management and promotion. Emily, along with her team of two social media professionals, provides content creation and paid advertising services to small business clients (with a specialized emphasis on the Equestrian/Agriculture niche).

Before starting That Hashtag Girl, Emily had used our solutions in two of her previous full-time roles: first as a Community & Content Manager at Mitsubishi Motors Australia and then again as a Brand & Campaign Manager at Discovery Holiday Parks. It was during this time that she became familiar with our platform and its distinct advantages — which is why she knew it was the right one to propel her agency to the next level.

The Challenge

Emily struggled with inefficient processes that produced “ugly” client deliverables and other issues that not only impeded her workflows but also detracted from That Hashtag Girl’s overall professionalism.

To share social media post previews with clients, she would assemble the posts in Creator Studio, take screenshots, then share the screenshots with clients via email. This technique was time-consuming and yielded an ungainly client experience. At the end of the day, it worked — but Emily knew the process could be much better.

Organization and reporting presented significant challenges as well. The other tools Emily tried did not offer sufficient reporting for organic social. And, without the ability to keep all her clients’ calendars/schedules housed neatly “under one roof," she lacked a clear, centralized view into upcoming social media plans.

Additionally, Emily had account access issues that made it difficult for her subcontractors to do their jobs. Often, in order for them to work on client posts, they’d need access to the client’s Facebook Business Manager — which made clients feel both uncomfortable and confused about why Emily wasn’t handling their account herself. And, when combined with the rudimentary post sharing method described above, this further compounded the problem of poor client experience.

To resolve these issues, Emily needed a platform that would allow her to seamlessly share posts with clients, stay on top of her calendars, offer robust and organic reporting, and enable her contractors to work on client posts without accessing the client’s Business Manager. That’s where we came in.

The Solution

Emily now uses the ‘Publish’ feature to manage all social media posting activities for her clients. Rather than pulling screenshots from Creator Studio and emailing them to clients, Emily can simply create the post in the platform and share the preview with the client — who can then view it directly within a cleanly designed user interface. She can also replicate content across various formats so the client can see how the posts will appear in different contexts (eg Facebook vs Instagram).

With 15 clients (and counting) and a high volume of content to produce, staying up to speed with each client’s content calendar is no small feat. But Emily is now able to oversee all her posting schedules from a single hub with a clear view “down the line” to determine, at a glance, what she has planned and what needs to be done.

If Emily has pending content creation for a particular day, she schedules a placeholder post — which serves as a visual reminder to help her stay organized. And, when it’s time to assess metrics, she taps into the Measure feature for robust organic reporting.

We’ve also helped Emily and her team overcome the account access issues they were having when working on clients’ posts. Now, instead of requesting access to the client’s Facebook Business Manager, Emily’s subcontractors can create posts and previews within the platform and share them with Emily for review. This process completely bypasses the need for her staff to access the client’s Business Manager — saving time and upholding a far more professional appearance from the client’s perspective.

“It’s all streamlined, everything’s there. Once you pull it in, it’s done — everything is in one spot.”
— Emily Bennett, Owner of That Hashtag Girl

The Impact

That Hashtag Girl has reaped numerous benefits that have rippled from the ground up across the business, including:

  • Improved workflows and processes, which boost productivity and facilitate more effective execution.
  • Upgraded client experience and professionalism, which fosters trust and aids customer retention.
  • Time-saving efficiency, which ultimately frees up bandwidth to take on new clients and scale.
“It increases my professionalism — everything is seamless, the reports are professional, the scheduling is professional, the publishing is so much smoother...it just takes my business up to that next level.”
— Emily Bennett, Owner of That Hashtag Girl

Simplified workflows, streamlined processes, and enhanced organization have given Emily and her team valuable time back while simultaneously elevating her clients’ experience. Now, deliverables look sharper (and sharing them is effortless), calendars and schedules are easier to track, and reporting is quick, straightforward, and insightful.

Emily has also been empowered to grow her business by taking on new clients — particularly smaller accounts that she wouldn’t have had the availability to manage previously. The time That Hashtag Girl’s team is able to save translates to additional bandwidth — and this bandwidth ultimately allows Emily to scale her agency to new heights.

“It allows me to scale the business more — at the end of the day, that’s the biggest thing.”
— Emily Bennett, Owner of That Hashtag Girl

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