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Thinketers + BWT

Led by consumer intelligence, targeted campaign delivers 30% increase in sales of niche household product

How could digital consumer intelligence inform your next campaign?
CASE STUDYThinketers + BWT

Understanding the needs of consumers allows companies to develop campaigns that make a big impact. Here's how Thinketers and BWT teamed up to achieve great results.

How to increase brand awareness

BWT is a leading company in water filtration technology in Europe. They sell jugs that improve the taste of water and reduce the concentration of lime from tap water.

They had a challenge in the Spanish market: They wanted to expand awareness of the brand’s filters and their benefits and to increase sales as a result.

"BWT was a brand with low visibility in Spain, in a sector with little data available, with a competitor that had been in the country for many years. We needed to know what was being said about the brand, the competition, and the perception of tap water within the Spanish public, to see where their solution was most relevant."
— Thales Oliver, Head of Strategy & Accounts, Thinketers

With the challenge defined, BWT looked to Thinketers, an agency that “believes in creative ideas with a reason for being, that arise from powerful insights with which to connect, thrill and surprise”, to help.

The consumer in the center

Putting the consumer at the center of all actions, they decided to actively listen to what people were saying online to see where there was a real need that BWT could offer a solution for.

The first thing they needed was to know which regions of Spain had the most people complaining about the taste of water. This is where the product would be best received, since it solved the problem.

Thinketers’ digital department used Brandwatch to create searches that geographically located online conversations in which users complained about the taste of water. In addition to seeing which areas of Spain had the largest number of complaints, they were also able to analyze what exactly those conversations were about.

Localized analysis

This first analysis, which studied conversations for almost half a year, not only allowed them to map negative mentions about water, but also to understand what the main concerns were.

More than 16,000 mentions from 11,000 unique authors were analyzed between January and June 2018. Of these, about 1,000 were negative.

Twitter was the main source of mentions (83%), followed by forums (6%), and Instagram (around 1%). The news (9% of the mentions) helped the team understand the context and general changes of opinion in the country.

Geotagged mentions, which locate the places where conversations happen, allowed Thinketers to identify Catalonia, Levante, and Andalusia as the areas with the highest percentage of negative conversations about the taste of water.

This data was used to select the locations where the BWT campaign would be launching.

"Geotagging was the tool that helped us the most when it came to letting the client know where and how we talked about tap water."
— Thales Oliver, Head of Strategy & Accounts, Thinketers

The next challenge was to build a message that would resonate with the target audiences that had the strongest need for filtering systems.

The campaign

Alberto Chicote is a well-known Spanish cook and TV host in Spain.

The campaign BWT and Thinketers created involved a gastronomic adventure throughout three areas of the peninsula where the chef cooked with tap water filtered with BWT jugs.

The objective was to publicize the benefits of the brand’s water filtration technology, with Alberto Chicote driving the message on the water’s superior flavor.

The results

Among the many successes of the campaign, here are some highlights:

  • 30% annual increase in filter sales
  • 2.5 million views of the branded content
  • 300% growth of their social media community

BWT wanted to associate their brand name with their products, but previously conversation about their brand focussed heavily on their sponsorship of a Formula 1 team.

After the campaign, they checked on mentions of “BWT” and the most common phrases associated with it. #ElSaborMásRico and words like ‘gastronomy’ and ‘water’ appeared among the highlights. Previously, brand mentions were almost entirely related to the “Force India” Formula 1 team. By the end of the year, mentions relating to the campaign surpassed any mention of Formula 1.

What was behind the campaign’s success? The innovative use of social intelligence and excellent influencer marketing.


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