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Australian QSR franchise Zambrero first began in 2005 when founder Dr Sam Prince (a then 21-year-old medical student) realised there was a gap in the Australian market for fresh, healthy Mexican cuisine. In addition to addressing this market demand from a business angle, Sam had a larger vision: to use the business as a humanitarian platform to combat world hunger. Through its Plate 4 Plate program, Zambrero donates one meal to someone in need for every regular burrito or bowl sold. The concept has been an enormous success, with Zambrero now recently celebrating their 50 million meal milestone in August 2021. Zambrero’s restaurant count now 200+ restaurants across Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, US and the UK.

The Challenge

Bite Communications, Zambrero’s Social Media Agency Partner, manages all of Zambrero’s organic and paid social, which comprises of roughly 200 local Facebook pages, a National Instagram, TikTok and Facebook account. With so many pages to oversee, community management poses a substantial challenge to Zambrero. The sheer number of pages creates a fragmented, unwieldy “social ecosystem” that is extremely difficult to track and manage without a robust, centralised platform in place.

Additionally, given the size and consumer-facing nature of the business, Zambrero receives a high volume of DMs, comments, and reviews on its social media pages. To uphold its customer experience standards, the Zambrero team needs to promptly reply to these questions and remarks, which is a granular, time-consuming endeavor. Because of this, organisation and efficiency is critical — and handling each Facebook page separately simply isn’t an option. Due to the large number of pages across multiple channels, scheduling and posting content also presents a hurdle for Bite Communications and The Zambrero Team.

Previously, content was posted directly to Facebook and Instagram. But, with so many pages to update, a third-party scheduling tool became necessary. The problem Bite found was that many tools did not offer adequate community management features — especially for the number of pages that she needed to run. That’s where we come in.

“Most scheduling tools don’t offer that level of community management for that many pages, all in one place.”
— Sarah Hatcher, National Brand Manager at Zambrero

The Solution

Zambrero is now equipped with a comprehensive, unified community management command center to manage all of their social media activities and interactions from a single hub. 

When it comes to posting, Zambrero and Bite utilise the Publish module to distribute content across Zambrero’s 200+ pages simultaneously. They can also plan/schedule content within a consolidated calendar to stay organized and maintain a crystal-clear view of Zambrero’s upcoming posts.

Zambrero then turn to the Engage module — which they leverage throughout the day— for community management. All the DMs, comments, and reviews from Zambrero’s numerous pages are routed to a single inbox, where they can be dealt with swiftly and diligently. This saves both Zambrero’s Marketing Team and their colleagues (Zambrero’s Customer Service Executive) a tremendous amount of time and energy when moderating comments and responding to customer inquiries.

For reporting, Zambrero combines data from the Measure module with Instagram Insights to assess key metrics on Zambrero’s organic performance. 

And, with the Benchmark module, Zambrero can keep close tabs on the competition — which, in turn, helps her support business decisions.

The Impact

The operational efficiency and collaborative solidarity Zambrero can achieve yields a number of distinct business advantages, including:

  • Leaner, faster, and more effective Marketing/Customer Service teams.
  • Consistent branding, with a more coherent brand voice across Marketing/CS departments.
  • Seamless scaling as Zambrero adds new restaurant locations (and social media pages).
“We can be very quick to respond to complaints through DMs. That’s really important. So, nothing escalates before we can take control of the situation.”
— Sarah Hatcher, National Brand Manager at Zambrero

Customers benefit as well: Zambrero’s quick responses to inquiries and comments elevate the level of customer service and, consequently, the overall customer experience the brand provides. On a similar note, we were able to help with the Marketing team’s more recent branding goals — namely, a push to establish a uniform brand voice/tone. With response templates, Marketing and Customer Service can align to deliver a more consistent brand voice across touchpoints.

Looking forward, the capability to manage such a high volume of pages will continue to play an important role in Zambrero’s social media initiatives as the company continues to expand. When new franchise locations are opened (and their corresponding Facebook pages are created), we will support the seamless integration of these new pages into Zambrero’s broad social media community — setting the stage for Zambrero’s ongoing success within the social arena.

“The fact that we can house everything in one spot just saves so much time. Many of our other platforms — all kinds of software within the business — don’t talk to each other. So, it’s really nice to have this standalone product that I can just be in all day, every day.”
— Sarah Hatcher, National Brand Manager at Zambrero

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