Report | Verbrauchertrends in der CPG-Branche

Wie hat sich das Verbraucherverhalten in der Verbrauchsgüterbranche geändert? Welche Trends können wir erwarten? Wir liefern Insights in unserem neuen Report

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Masterclass | Thursday, July 22nd

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How to be agile and gain a competitive edge in 2021

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Join us Thursday 22 July, 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM

Data is fundamental to making smart decisions at all levels within an organisation. In order to adapt to a fast-changing and competitive market, Retail and CPG brands need to be innovative to gain relevant insights.

So how can Retail and CPG brands generate the strategic insights they need in an agile way to succeed in 2021?

Join us with Henkel for this exclusive masterclass on Thursday 22 July at 11:30 AM CET.

Learn how Digital Consumer Intelligence (DCI) can help Retail and CPG brands to monitor what people are saying about their brand and competitors so that they can be alerted of any potential PR crises, market opportunities or campaign results, and make business decisions based on the voice of the consumers.

Please RSVP by filling in this form by July 15. As a thank you for attending this masterclass, you will receive a voucher to order food on us after the event.

This event is invite-only. If you’d like a colleague to attend too, please email [email protected].


  • What is digital consumer intelligence and how can it help your organisation get ahead of the competition.

  • What are the Need-to-know insights for Retail and CPG in 2021 with specific food, fashion, cosmetic and customer loyalty trends.

  • Henkel Testimonial: How does Henkel leverage DCI to monitor, measure and inform its corporate communications campaigns.

  • Discuss your challenges and solutions with peers and learn ways to set your business up for success in 2021.

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The speakers


Ann-Christin Wohlfarth, Digital Communications Manager


Gidiana Dehlpra, Digital Consumer Intelligence Brand Consultant

"By combining social listening data with other data sources, we can create a holistic picture and provide the basis for making management decisions."

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