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The Ultimate Social Media Audit Checklist

Every business needs to do a social media audit from time to time. Here is a complete checklist to review and optimize your entire social media operation.

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GUIDEThe Ultimate Social Media Audit Checklist

The best way to make sure your social media audit covers all the bases is to follow a checklist.That’s why we created Your Social Media Audit Checklist. The checklist includes all the important tasks you need to complete to ensure you’re reaping the rewards of social media marketing.

Pro tip: We recommend going through the list and mapping out your findings in a big sheet to keep an easy overview of the results

Social media audit checklist

In a nutshell, this is your social media audit checklist:

  • Take inventory of your brand’s social media channels
  • Get an overview of each channels’ individual performance
  • Consider the performance of your content by format and topic
  • Get to know your audience: who are you targeting?
  • Align your key metrics with your company goals

Just five simple steps. Let’s get started.

Channel inventory

First, have you done a basic overview of your channels? Here’s what to include:

  • Channels: List all your brand accounts
  • Handles: What are your different handles?
  • Hashtags: Any brand hashtags? 
  • Bios: Are the descriptions consistent?
  • Profile pictures: What’s on Twitter vs. Facebook? 
  • Background pictures: Does it support your brand? 
  • Owners: Who’s in charge of what? 
  • Passwords: It’s best to keep this list updated

Pro tip: Consistency is key. Make sure the profiles are aligned with your brand values, that the content has the same voice, and that you’re using the same logo and brand colors throughout.

Channel performance 

Have you considered and accounted for the following metrics?

  • Number of followers: How many people are watching?
  • Total engagements: How many people are interacting? 
  • Number of mentions: How many people are talking about you?
  • Incoming messages: How many people are trying to reach you? 
  • Posting frequency: How often are you posting?
  • Average reach: How many people are you reaching? 
  • Video views: How many people are watching your videos? 
  • Average watch time: And for how long? 
  • Retweets: How many people are retweeting you? 
  • Link clicks: How many people are clicking on your content?

Content performance

Consider your content: what’s gaining traction, and where should you be scaling back?

By format:

  • Text posts: Do people prefer text only? 
  • Pictures: Or are they more visually inclined? 
  • Videos: Do your videos outperform the rest? 
  • Links to blog/podcast: Do people love your links?
  • Infographics: Do they want an easy overview? 
  • Polls and surveys: Are they sharing their opinions?

By topic:

  • Educational: How-tos, guides, or templates? 
  • Entertaining: Memes, fun facts, puzzles even? 
  • Industry news: Do people want the latest news? 
  • Company news: Are they interested in your company? 
  • Product news: Or hearing about your products?


Who are you talking to? What are their interests?

  • Age groups: Pre-teens? Or 45-54 y/o? 
  • Genders: Men? Women? Other?
  • Locations: Scandinavia? Baltics? US?
  • Languages: Italian? French? Japanese?
  • Interests: Fashion? Literature? Sports? 
  • Purchasing behavior: What drives them to buy?

Company goals alignment

Have you thought about matching key metrics with your content goals?

If your goal is lead generation: 

  • Click-throughs: Do they click through to your blog?
  • Conversions: Are they signing up for your
  • Form completions: Are they sharing their information?

If your goal is brand awareness: 

  • Social shares: Are they spreading the word?
  • Follower growth: Are you building a following?
  • Article views: Are they reading your content?

If your goal is audience engagement:

  • Educational: How-tos, guides, or templates?
  • Entertaining: Memes, fun facts, puzzles even?
  • Industry news: Do people want the latest news?

Pro tip: If you’re in B2B, try swapping out some of these points for things like industry, number of employees, or company values.

Moving forward

You’ve gone through the list, considered every point, and have mapped out your findings in that great, big sheet of yours.

You should now have a very good idea of what’s working for your brand and what’s not across the different social media channels.

Of course, there’s much more to social media than can be set out in a checklist. If you feel it’s time to get serious about an all-in-one social media management platform, get in touch today.

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