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Falcon.io + Brandwatch

Falcon.io is now part of Brandwatch.

The future of consumer research and social media management is bright. We have combined all our capabilities to offer you a complementary suite of specialized, best-in-class tools that you’ll love to use.

Together we:

  • Bring together the vast corpus of Brandwatch and Falcon.io data to enrich measurement, monitoring, and research capabilities

  • Leverage our combined data science expertise to solve critical use-case-focused problems

  • Build streamlined workflows for the jobs our customers need to get done

  • Create one seamless and collaborative user experience

Our Partners

Understand and be understood


The pioneer in digital consumer intelligence

AI-enriched social analytics at scale

Know what the world is saying about your brand and the topics that matter


The industry leading social suite

Intuitive social media management

Seamlessly plan and execute your social strategies across networks, teams, and regions

Falcon.io is now part of Brandwatch.
You're in the right place!

Existing customer?Log in to access your existing Falcon products and data via the login menu on the top right of the page.New customer?You'll find the former Falcon products under 'Social Media Management' if you go to 'Our Suite' in the navigation.