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Sentiment Analysis

for Global Brands

Better understand the motivations behind sentiment.

Brandwatch’s sentiment analysis is based on cutting-edge AI research in the fields of deep learning and natural language processing (NLP).

Our data scientists are pioneering the use of Transformer Architecture Language Models (AI models famous for being able to suggest how any text should be completed) to determine sentiment in social data.

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Our Partners
World-leading social listening

A flexible solution to suit your needs and objectives

What makes Brandwatch different?

AI-powered for speed and accuracy

State-of-the-art AI and deep learning techniques gets you to insights faster

Expert support

A team of 100+ working in Customer Success helps you make the most of the platform from day one

Real-time coverage

Over 500 million new conversations added every day

Historical data

Access to 1.6 trillion historical conversations online, going back to 2010

A reliable, trustworthy partner

Official firehose access to Twitter, Reddit, Tumblr, and the best compliant Facebook and Instagram coverage

Diverse data sources

Access to conversations from over 100 million unique sites and the ability to combine first-party customer data

“We flipped the switch and we were off, Brandwatch is that easy to use. Previously we were paying an agency $85k a year to do this analysis - bringing it in-house, the cost saving is huge.”

– Lauren Hougas, Director, Marketing Analytics at Land O’Lakes

How do our clients benefit from world-leading social listening?

Take a look at these case studies to find out how companies use Brandwatch to collect valuable insights, to share those insights across the organization, and ultimately to grow their businesses.

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Paladin is now Influence.
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Brandwatch acquired Paladin in March 2022. It's now called Influence, which is part of Brandwatch's Social Media Management solution.Want to access your Paladin account?Use the login menu at the top right corner.