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Understand how consumers are responding.

AI-powered sentiment insights for global brands

How can AI-powered sentiment analysis help my brand?

Better understand the motivations behind sentiment
Explore what drives consumer sentiment by “at-a-glance” positive/neutral/negative analysis, and create your own categories for sub-topics like “Positive – Liked the Ad”, or “Negative – Cost”, and more.

Learn from social posts, news, reviews, and more
Analyze data from social media, review sites, news outlets, blogs, and forums.

Benchmark against competitors
Look at sentiment, share of voice, compare audience segments and more – all with a few key strokes.

Track purchase intent
Understand when, where, and how consumers speak about purchasing your product or category, and track changes over time.

Evaluate campaign impact
Assess how your latest creative impacted brand sentiment, and review which interest segments the campaign resonated with most.

Analyze product launch response
Determine what motivated consumers to buy, and find ideas for how can you be more impactful in the future.

“Before using Brandwatch, we would pick up different information from forums and blogs - it was a very manual process. Now we are able to bring everything under one umbrella. We’re now able to understand the sentiment of our customers, what is trending and what conversations they are having.”

Elena Loucaidou, Wargaming

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