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Your Questions Answered on The Winter Olympics 2018

Skate over the data

Brandwatch ReactYour Questions Answered on The Winter Olympics 2018

The Winter Olympics has come to an end, but the data lives on.

We’ve compiled a list of English-language social data stats from throughout the event for you to explore. It’s optimized for millennial viewers who can skip over points they don’t care about or swipe to find out more.

Which sport was biggest? Which athletes got the most attention?

Find out below.

Question 1

The closing ceremony was quite something

Question 2

It looks like figure skating is a real crowd-pleaser

Question 3

Shaun White is getting big air and big mentions

Question 4

The women are winning here!

Question 5

Question 6

And that’s the Olympics 2018 all wrapped up. We hope you enjoyed watching along.

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