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Discover how the team at Cubaka managed to save time while managing multiple clients’ social media accounts

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So many posts, so little time.

When you are managing multiple clients’ social media accounts, you inherently have more profiles to monitor, more posts to schedule, more comments to handle, and more networks to check. And with so much more to do, the one thing you actually need more of is time. Sound familiar? 

Well, if you’re working for an agency, then you’re likely struggling to combat similar time constraints. So when every second counts, you need to look for ways to save time wherever you can.

"Switching back and forth between platforms or brand pages can be quite time consuming, which is why we needed a tool.”
— Laurence Hebberd Community Manager at Cubaka

In order to save time, Cubaka, an award-winning social media agency based in London, began its search for a social media management platform to streamline workflows.

Let the search begin

“As our client list grew, so did the number of social media profiles and content plans we were juggling, so we needed a solution that could ensure the successful delivery of clients’ content and community management,” explains Laurence Hebberd, Community Manager at Cubaka.

Beyond wanting to “save on time and make the whole process run smoother, ” Hebberd recounts that the team was looking for a tool that would help them overcome a number of challenges, including:

  • Dealing with customer complaints in the most efficient way possible
  • Scheduling content across clients’ social profiles in a fast and simple manner
  • Elevating customer service to an industry-leading standard for clients
  • Gaining a deeper understanding of clients’ audience demographics
  • Managing customer data in a safe and secure way

It’s a long list, but after reviewing a number of tools, Cubaka selected our social media management solution to take forward. Goodbye, spreadsheets!

Simplifying social scheduling

“Switching back and forth between platforms is a task which should (and can) be made a lot easier, and more time-efficient,” says Hebberd. And with hundreds of posts a week to publish on behalf of their clients, Cubaka’s content planners were eager to streamline this process too.

“In terms of content distribution, the Publish module has made the process of scheduling, posting, and reviewing content much smoother by allowing our content planners to plan posts across different networks all at once and reuse content whenever necessary.”
— Laurence Hebberd Community Manager at Cubaka

And as multi-tasking social marketers ourselves, there is one truth we would stake it all on: you can’t truly compete nowadays without a digital content calendar. 

Through the content calendar in Publish, “our content planners can visually see when posts are going out and how the posts will appear in the feed. With so much content going out for our clients, having a clear overview of what content is going out on each channel and when is essential,” says Hebberd. 

But it isn’t only posts that Cubaka needs to maintain a clear overview of. As experts in community management, they also need to be able to keep track of all of the engagement (comments, likes and shares) that the content is generating.

Keeping up with the comments

In today’s fast-paced digital world, there’s no such thing as 9 to 5 for a community manager. 

It always seems to be that just when you’re getting ready to leave for the day, a Twitter post is gaining traction in another part of the world as people there are getting ready to start their day. As a community manager, you need to have tools that help you get the most out of your workdays. 

“For community management, the Engage and Listen modules are lifesavers. The customizable feeds in Engage allow our community managers to be active across multiple networks at once,” says Hebberd. 

He continues to explain how one community manager is often responsible for managing multiple brand accounts and their corresponding social pages at Cubaka, so this functionality allows the team to spend more time building relationships with its clients’ community members rather than toggling between accounts.

“The Engage feature means you don’t have to go onto every network manually, and if you are managing Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram that’s a lot less time you have to spend switching between networks – or worrying about a missing notification!”
— Laurence Hebberd Community Manager at Cubaka

Reporting your successes

From creating content to building communities, social media agencies are doing a lot for their clients - and, of course, it’s important to report the success of their social campaigns.

And, as Hebberd explains, “With Measure, our analysts were able to easily export the necessary data for monthly and campaign reports. The breakdown between public and private messages was extremely useful to monitor how popular (or quiet) a page may be one week compared to the next!” 

Each second is valuable in this industry, so being able to pull and share reports easily with clients can help you showcase how your hard work is generating results. 

“Tagging allowed reports to be easily drawn up to present the best results,” says Hebberd. And who doesn’t want to share good news? Having access to this type of data is also essential in order to inform you whether or not your client’s social media strategy is working.

A Rolodex for the digital age

“The Audience module has been really useful for me because of the persona cards. Not only can you merge different profiles from different networks, but you can also see what messages have come in before so you don’t have to search for any names,” explains Hebberd. He continues by explaining how the module has allowed Cubaka to provide more personalized support to each client’s online communities:

“It allowed us to understand our audiences, as well as visualize how they might engage with future content. In total, we have over 35k registered customer profiles across all our brands, with a majority tagged and organized to ensure we could see the wider picture.”
— Laurence Hebberd Community Manager at Cubaka

Final remarks and results

According to Hebberd, the agency was able to: 

  • Easily manage and plan content across networks
  • Quickly reply to and deal with comments across multiple networks
  • Spot any brand mentions that may be outside of the normal social network remit
  • Report interesting and relevant stats to clients
  • Store data on followers in a way that ensured the relationship was personalized and

Store data on followers in a way that ensured the relationship was personalized and friendly

It’s difficult to overstate agencies’ need for proper social media management software in today’s time-constrained environment. 

Using a platform to centralize and simplify social media operations allows you to invest more time in growing your clients’ follower base, building relationships with their communities, and improving their social strategies.


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