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The Sociable Society

How The Sociable Society saves time and grows their business with Brandwatch Influence

The Sociable Society

How can a smaller boutique agency reduce time spent on administrative tasks and focus on winning new business and successfully managing campaign reporting and client relationships?

All of that is easily done with the right software solution in place. In this case study, you’ll hear from Emily Fonda, Co-Founder of The Sociable Society.

About The Sociable Society

The Sociable Society is a social media influencer and campaign management agency working with influencers across the U.S. and Canada. The company is focused on ensuring an organic fit between brands and influencers, and its roster of talent includes many talented bloggers and social influencers.

Administrative tasks ate away at the team’s productivity

Early on, The Sociable Society realized the challenges that came with their drive to take on more brand clients. Without software, conversations would get lost, and details would fall through the cracks. The team relied on spreadsheets, emails, and screenshots for everything from sales pitches to reporting.

“With Influence, we are able to say yes to more projects. We do with a few clicks what used to take us hours.”
— Emily Fonda, Co-Founder, The Sociable Society

Opting for an all-in-one solution improves efficiency

Today, 95% of The Sociable Society influencers have authenticated their social media accounts to Brandwatch Influence, allowing The Sociable Society to share real-time analytics with brand advertisers. This saves their team valuable hours per campaign and provides a much better client experience.

The Sociable Society is growing

With Brandwatch Influence, not only has the agency team been able to save 30% of their working hours, but they have doubled the size of their team. Now, they spend more time winning new business and focusing on their clients and less time tracking down posts and generating reports. With the efficiencies gained, The Sociable Society team has taken on 50% more clients than before working with Brandwatch Influence.

Here's how Influence plays a part in their growth journey: “The Sociable Society is growing and scaling, and Influence allows us to focus on clients and strategy instead of analytics and reporting. With Influence, we are able to say yes to more projects. We do with a few clicks what used to take us hours,” said Emily Fonda.


  • Time saved 30%
  • New customers +50%
  • Company size +100%

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