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Social Snapshot

Consumer Technology

We looked at millions of online conversations in 2016 and researched the biggest tech brands and this is what we found

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Social SnapshotConsumer Technology

Brandwatch looked at 7 million conversations about the biggest tech companies and revealed the most important insights and trends shaping the industry in 2017. Learn about the industry’s changing consumers, and what they mean for the future of technology.


With the commercialization of virtual and augmented realities, the development of autonomous cars, and smart-tech creeping into our home appliances, 2016 brought what was once simply the dreams of science fiction to the forefront of technological conversations.

To gauge the social trends of 2016 and predict where consumer technology is headed in 2017, Brandwatch analyzed 7 million mentions about technology from new phone releases to the ever-growing ‘Internet-of-Things.’ In today’s technology climate, customer-centered innovation will be imperative.

Today’s Technology Consumers

Consumer electronics are so pervasive, there is virtually no demographic worth leaving untapped. However, analyzing social data reveals the relationship between brands or products and specific groups of consumers.

Generational Differences

While Millennial targeting has been a focus of consumer technology brands and consumer products as a whole, social data suggests a diversity among consumers who discuss the biggest tech releases, products, and companies online.

Age Differences in Twitter Tech Conversations

Brandwatch image

In fact, consumers in ‘Generation X’ tend to be significantly more vocal about home appliances, wearables, and fitness tracking technology than their younger counterparts.

Conversations Most Driven by Gen-X

Brandwatch image

Gender of Technology Audience

Conversations surrounding most tech companies are dominated by male authors. On average, a third of the conversations about consumer technology comes from women.

Brandwatch image

However, the variation of gender composition in audience participation provides insights into what types of electronics reach and prompt discussion in men and women.

Brandwatch image

Psychographics of Tech Consumers

The people discussing large technology products and brands are quite unique from consumers within other industries.

Professions of Those Discussing Tech

Brandwatch image

Compared to the average consumer discussing brands online, technology consumers are significantly more likely to be software developers, and significantly less likely to be interested family and parenting.

How Tech Consumer Interests Differ from Average

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The more technologically savvy customers get, the more finding and discussing innovation in consumer electronics matters.

How interests influence language used in Consumer Tech

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Understanding the savviness of today’s electronics consumer, 2017 messaging should be geared towards technological use and innovation.

Newness for the sake of novelty is not enough to excite today’s tech consumers.

Innovation on Facebook

Using Facebook content to intelligently convey products’ value is essential to social marketing. The type of content consumer technology brands share on Facebook accumulates different responses.

Average Tech Brand's Facebook Content

Brandwatch image

Unsurprisingly, the most discussed and distributed post on Facebook was a video highlighting innovative technology from 2016: Nintendo previewed their new convertible gaming console.

Innovation on Twitter

Out of all other industries, consumer tech brands produce among the most shared content on Facebook and Twitter.

Brand - Audience Twitter Communication

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Twitter is one of the most important platforms for consumer technology companies to use to market inventive developments and new products. Huge tech events surrounding product reveals and releases increase the use of adjectives related to innovation.

Organic Conversation about Innovative Tech

Brandwatch image

Ignoring the millions of consumer preferences, opinions, and behaviors online will lead to another year of hype and disappointment. According to the conversations of over 2 million individuals, here are the top trends for 2017 consumer technology companies cannot afford to ignore.

  • Stop focusing on Millennials and Gen Z- all ages are buying, consuming, and talking about technology
  • Don’t try to simply dazzle consumers- the average customers is becoming tech savvier than ever, and being inventive will matter more this year
  • Focus on your visuals- videos will continue to resonate well on social media, especially those emphasizing innovation

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