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Brandwatch can help you decipher the billions of voices online, revealing sentiments about your brand, competitors, and industry. These insights empower actionable strategies, enhancing your marketing, services, and product efficiency, while also saving valuable time and resources.

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Time saving

Conducting research on large data sets can cost time, which poses a challenge in a fast-paced world where quick decisions are essential. Unstructured data needs to be carefully cleaned before insights can be trusted to inform business decisions.

How we can help:

  • Powerful AI tools that can instantly detect and explain shifts in conversations

  • Real-time data that can be automatically categorized using customized keyword or machine learning segmentation tools

  • Out-of-the-box templates for queries, use case dashboards, and social audiences

  • Flexible data-storytelling tools that can be shared in fully-customizable ways

  • Quick searches to let you explore new topics and quickly assess emerging trends and topics

See how Brandwatch helped these brands with time saving

“I love the Quick Search tool, it’s helped with team efficiency – not every request has to come through me – team members can just go in and get a quick pulse check for a client.”
Helen & Gertrude
“It’s about having our internal partners being able to grab trends and insights and turn them into something that drives our business growth.”
Fetch Rewards
“Automation saves us significant time because, again, Brandwatch does the work for us. When we see it on Slack, we have more visibility on the indirect mentions, which was not the case before.”

Cost saving

Conducting qualitative analysis with social and online data can be significantly cheaper than traditional market research methodologies. It can also help inform more efficient and cost-effective marketing strategies.

How we can help:

  • We combine several standalone tools into a single platform, significantly cutting down the money spent on contracts with one-off point vendors

  • Supplement traditional surveys and focus groups with analysis of online social panels for cheaper and more scalable research

  • Use insights to target the right audiences when planning marketing campaigns and make a more efficient use of your marketing budget

  • Leverage Brandwatch experts to set up bespoke research programs, saving you time and money spent on in-house analysis

See how Brandwatch helped these brands with cost saving

“We went over it with the CMO last week and we have hundreds of thousands of dollars already in money we didn’t have to spend because we had Brandwatch.”
Land O Lakes
“Helped their client KFC achieve 193% improvement on ad performance 45% cheaper than before. --> "Not only have AC [using Brandwatch] delivered unreal performance on recent ad campaigns, they have also given the KFC marketing team new insights into the motivations of our customers.”
Automated Creative
“Decisions are now based on sample sizes that are ~1000% larger than alternative research, insights generation is dramatically faster and research costs were reduced 50%”
Global CPG Company

Increasing market share

The aim of consumer research is to uncover insights that can inform changes in marketing or product strategies in order to win new customers. Brandwatch users do this by studying their brand, industry, target audiences and competitors.

How we can help:

  • Research new markets and find opportunities for growth amongst new demographics and buyer personas

  • Benchmark against competitors to discover the brand strengths and weaknesses that can be leveraged to gain a competitive advantage

  • Discover emerging marketing trends that can be jumped on quickly

  • Optimize content and campaign performance by understanding which themes and messaging will resonate best with consumers

  • Conduct whitespace research to uncover unmet consumer needs and inform development of new products and services

See how Brandwatch helped these brands with market share

“Saw a 30% annual increase in filter sales and 300% growth of their social media community using Brandwatch to inform their strategy when entering a new market.”
“Saw a 60% increase in radio listenership overall and a 30% increase in online engagement – enabling them to triple their engagement from prospective ad buyers.”
Mahaka Radio
“Using Brandwatch they created Virgin’s Trending Travel Guide, the world’s first socially-aggregated travel guide, with average session duration 75.29% higher when compared to legacy content”
Virgin Holidays

Risk mitigation

When a crisis hits your brand, every minute counts. Responding too late or with the wrong message can have an impact on customer churn, brand reputation, or even share price. Having an effective crisis detection program in place to help mitigate risks provides a huge return on investment.

How we can help:

  • Detect and alert the right people to emerging crises as soon as they occur so you can act before it impacts your bottom line

  • Anticipate and prepare for risks by monitoring consumer chatter around industry topics that could affect your brand in future

  • Mitigate the impact of customer complaints or full-scale crises by providing your organization with detailed intelligence and recommendations in real time

  • Monitor everything, from influencers you work with to your supply chain, to develop a proactive risk mitigation strategy

See how Brandwatch helped these brands with risk mitigation

“If there is someone who has a significant number of followers talking about our brand, or if there is a particular issue we are worried about that might come up in public conversations, alerts are sent to the team every morning to make sure we’re aware of what’s happening online.”
The Body Shop
“After launching a ‘red velvet cake’ in the US, there was a spike in negative comments in Mexico about why it had not been released there, despite Bimbo originating from Mexico. Bimbo successfully introduced the cake into Mexico and achieved a 12% sales increase and their online mentions doubled. ”
“Were alerted to a fire in one of their stores and they were able to contact the area manager, ensure everyone was safe, and craft a press response in just one hour.”

Increase customer lifetime value

Retaining and growing existing customers is one of the best ways to increase profits. By providing your customers with an exceptional experience, addressing their pain points and identifying opportunities to sell to them, you can grow a loyal and valuable customer base that helps refer your brand to others.

How we can help:

  • Identify unmet customer needs to inform development of new products and services

  • Understand customers’ pain points to prevent churn, and increase referrals

  • Monitor customer complaints in real time so you can respond rapidly and effectively

  • Discover user generated content and identify ways to nurture your communities, turning customers into brand advocates

See how Brandwatch helped these brands with lifetime value

“It is really helpful to get a flavor of what is there and what people are actually saying. What words do they use? What is the framing here? And that is important for our team because we are responsible for content and we want to make sure we are matching the way our users speak, addressing what problems they have. ”
“Used research on Durex’ audience in Asia to inform their educational content. By challenging preconceived ideas about their audience they were able to identify an opportunity to position themselves as a source of informative content, becoming more than just a brand to their market. --> “Our campaign delivered four times the amount of expected signups. And it had a 286% cheaper CPA than their target benchmark"”
Automated Creative
“Consumer Research and Vizia have made it possible to react in real time to any events of the day. This means we’ve managed to reduce the number of negative interactions that are intrinsically linked to the telecom industry, whilst at the same time creating an environment for conversation between our team of analysts and other departments.”
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