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Brandwatch + Generative AI

Brandwatch is revolutionizing media and consumer intelligence by integrating human insight with advanced proprietary and generative AI. Our unique hybrid approach delivers efficient, accurate, and comprehensive data analysis at unprecedented speed and scale to empower our customers to take decisive actions on rich and trustworthy insights.
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AI expertise you can
actually trust

Brandwatch leverages decades of innovation with cutting-edge AI to provide scalable, robust solutions that provide powerful insights you can rely on to make bold business decisions.

Early Gen AI pioneers

We've been building AI since 2008 and working with large language models (LLMs) since 2019, including AI Search and multilingual sentiment analysis.

The best of both worlds

We combine human curation and supervision with proprietary AI and LLM integrations for faster, richer, and more nuanced insights.

Building AI responsibly

We always adopt the most compliant data security and built-in human supervision to provide transparency and trust in our AI solutions.

Brandwatch’s unique LLM approach

Brandwatch unlocks the full power of large language models (LLMs) by combining them intelligently with proprietary AI and manual tools that first help you break down your data and highlight insights, trends, and anomalies.

This allows us to give far better prompts to LLMs to synthesize insights based on context and business objectives.

  • Scalable: Navigate vast amounts of data while pinpointing the insights that actually matter

  • Unique: Discover insights you won’t find anywhere else by leveraging bespoke AI optimized for analyzing fast-changing unstructured data

  • Reliable: Don’t put your trust in an AI black box. Take action confidently with structured intelligence and proprietary AI developed to provide repeatable and accurate results

Up-skilling beginners

Iris, Brandwatch’s AI assistant, combines an array of tools and technologies to empower even novice users to uncover rich insights instantly and reliably so they can take action at the right time.

AI Search helps them cut through the noise and instantly identify relevant conversations around any brand, product, person, or topic.

Applied proprietary AI automatically breaks data down by tone and topics of conversation and surfaces spikes and anomalies to focus on what matters.

And generative AI integrations help them instantly understand what is behind the data.

Empowering experts

Brandwatch's human-led tools, proprietary AI, and generative AI integrations work together in limitless combinations, allowing data storytellers to work faster while still conducting deep analysis and presenting rich strategic insights that measure and inform key business goals.

  • Human-led curation: Break down your data by custom audiences and topics

  • AI-led curation: Structure your data to highlight risks and opportunities instantly

  • AI-led insights: Automatically surface trends and anomalies in your data

  • Generative AI analysis: Integrated at every data point providing the reasoning behind the numbers, enabling confident and fast action

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