Next-level market research: Understand and predict consumer needs

Brandwatch gives you access to the world’s largest pool of online consumer discussion, lets you monitor conversation across the web, and collect 10 years of historical data to answer questions fast.

Trusted by over 5000 of the world's best brands

Real-time results

Surveys and focus groups can take weeks to collect and analyze insights. Brandwatch users gather data in real-time, answering questions fast and keeping up with their ever changing market.

Next-gen market research

Traditional market research can only get you so far. To see the complete picture take a look at how people communicate online. Leverage Brandwatch’s team of experts to level-up your strategy and discover more about your consumers.

Spot trends across the globe

With full historical data back to 2010, you can monitor trends in every corner of the globe. Whether it’s the latest hair trends in Asia, an eco-movement in Europe, or changing diets in America, with Brandwatch you’ll be the first to know.

Market Research with Brandwatch

Without Brandwatch

Data take weeks to collect and analyze

Miss vital insights from digital consumers

Struggle to move faster than disruptive competitors

Without Brandwatch

Analyze data instantly in real-time

Get the full picture with access to the largest pool of online consumer opinion

Help your business find unique insights that the competition have missed

“Brandwatch provides us with billions of different customer views that we can use across a number of different products and propositions and strategies and anything else that we want to work with.”

— Adam Mills, B2B Brand Strategy and Insight, BT GroupListen to our what our delighted customers have to say

2/3 of the Forbes 100 most valuable brands trust Brandwatch 📈

Don't just listen to us. Hear from our successful clients around the globe what they value most about our partnership and how Brandwatch equips their teams to make smarter decisions.

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Next-level market research: Understand and predict consumer needs

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