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We’re looking for Brandwatch product users to help shape the future of social listening. Whether you are new to our products or have been using them for a while, we want your feedback, suggestions and exciting ideas. Participate and get your voice heard.

Beta trials

Get early access and be one of the first to test our improved designs and tech before it gets launched. Your feedback helps guide the Brandwatch team to build better products that suit your needs.

User research

You'll receive a reward from a selection of gift cards or charitable donations when you share your honest opinions. The process can be as simple as booking time with a researcher to provide feedback or taking part in a survey.

We want to give you what you need.

The Brandwatch team works to build world class products that truly meet your ever changing and diverse needs. By participating in beta trials and user research, you help us develop user-centered and innovative designs. Your valuable feedback will help shape the future of social listening.

Early access

Get access to new products and features before other customers

Drive innovation

Influence the design and development of Brandwatch products

Expert connections

Meet our Brandwatch experts to discuss your product ideas

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Enjoy or donate your rewards for sharing your honest feedback

“If you need to talk to anyone else on my team, I can be sure to intro you to anyone else as well. If you're looking for more feedback. I love to be here. Thanks so much for inviting me. I've always loved working with you guys.”

Technical Consultant | Brandwatch Consumer Research User

“I'm not the guy that writes long emails, that is terrible for me. With interviews like this, it is so great because I can explain it. Sometimes I try to write to support but it doesn't get the fine details and an interview like this really helps me to explain what I mean, maybe to show. And maybe that makes a difference for you guys.”

Project Manager, Social Media Analytics | Brandwatch Consumer Research User

“I've appreciated this because sort of just talking to you inspired me to go in and try more and so, I think it, I think this is a tool that will really help us and now I'll give it another try.”

Head of communications | Falcon User

“Happy to help. I think with stuff like this, it's good to try and put time on feedback because especially with something new, it helps in terms of its development and you're on that side of the thing. So I'm more than happy to give my time to something like that.”

Chief strategist | Falcon User

“Is there a place or person I can reach out to participate in more research! I really like Brandwatch and I want to help improve the user experience. Beta testing group sounds amazing where can I find it & How can I join!”

Social Media Analyst | Brandwatch Consumer Research User

“I'm interested, please count me in! Feel free to block my time. Thank you!”

Senior Social Media Analyst | Brandwatch Consumer Research User

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Research Panel members will have:

  • Early access to new products and features

  • Influence the product design and development

  • Discuss your ideas with our Brandwatch experts

  • Enjoy or donate your rewards for sharing feedback

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