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Brandwatch For Students empowers students with free access to our flagship product, Brandwatch Analytics.
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What is Brandwatch For Students?

Brandwatch For Students is a free training course that covers what social intelligence is and how to use Brandwatch Analytics – if you’re not sure what Brandwatch is, click here. Through an online video training program, users will learn why social data and intelligence is important, how to use it for research and analysis and how it can be used for future employment. Once your training is complete, you will take a quiz to determine whether or not you understand how to use Brandwatch Analytics. If you pass, you will be given free access to the Brandwatch platform.

What do I get once I’m Brandwatch Qualified?

You’ll receive a personalized emblem and certificate for you to host in a multitude of ways. Add your badge to your CV, email signature, your LinkedIn profile – or print out your certificate and proudly hang it on your wall.

Why should I sign up?

Brandwatch Analytics is widely recognized as the best social listening platform in the world. Thousands of journalists, entrepreneurs, marketers, product designers and others log into the platform everyday. With Brandwatch For Students, you can get free access to this coveted platform, kickstart your career and give you a head start on your coursemates.

  • Receive training in a platform used by thousands of brands around the world including Heineken, Pepsi, IKEA, Unilever, L’Oreal, Dell and Cisco.
  • Become ‘Brandwatch Qualified’ and embed your qualification badge on your LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, blog and CV.
  • Use Brandwatch Analytics to conduct social media research from Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and over a million other websites.
  • Receive a personalized certificate and badge.
  • All free of charge.

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