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Latest resource: Maturing from social listening to digital consumer intelligence

A practical guide to levelling up how consumer insights are used across your organization

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Published November 8th 2017

iPhone X Data: We Analyzed Two Million Tweets To Review The Phone’s Reception

The React team analyze iPhone X data to understand how the launch went down on social media. Read on for analysis of the hype, features and demographics.

Now that the iPhone X data has been building for a few days, the React team decided to take a look at how the launch went down on social media.

The latest iPhone was released on Friday 3 November, retailing at around $1,000 (depending on the model you’re after). It was first revealed by Apple at the company’s September keynote when it got significantly more attention (and rightly so) than the iPhone 8 and other announcements – it’s such a big deal that the company even skipped the number nine.

The pricey smartphone has impressed reviewers, but what about regular users – you know, the totally normal ones queueing outside Apple Stores in the cold to shell out a lot of money for Apple’s latest shiny thing?

We thought we’d take to Twitter to investigate.

Iphone X data: One huge reaction

  • We found 2,254,270 tweets about the iPhone X between 31 October and 6 November
  • 42% of gender-categorized authors tweeting in that time were female, 58% male
  • Among the top mentioned tweeters in the iPhone X conversation were @SnazzyQ, @guiruch, @Apple and @GraysonDolan
A data visualization shows that 42% of gender-categorized people tweeting about the iPhone X were women, 58% men.

The lines

Ever since the iPhone X was revealed (the most hyped point of the last Apple Event), expectations for the 10th anniversary iPhone have been high.

Queues of enthusiasts are nothing new for Apple, and this iPhone launch saw plenty of people waiting in line.

There were over 4.5k mentions of “in line” between 2-3 November, although many of them were retweets and people berating those who chose to sit outside for hours.

We expected to find more people talking about waiting in line, but then we realized why the number might be low.

A breakdown of the features being discussed

Of course, other than the air of superiority one might get from wielding an Apple product, features are important to consumers.

We took a look at some of the most hyped features of the iPhone X that set it apart from its predecessors.

It was potentially the most trivial of all the features that saw the most Twitter discussion.

A bar chart shows mentions of animojis, face ID and the camera within iPhone X mentions on Twitter. The numbers show that animojis have 68250 mentions, Face ID has 24416 mentions and the camera has 28390 mentions.

Below, some of the most popular tweets in the iPhone x conversation demonstrate the opportunities and sometimes downfalls of each feature brings.



Animojis allow the iPhone X holder to project their own emotions onto animal emojis and record short videos or take snapshots.

This tweet, which gives an insight into the creative potential for animojis, went huge. If you haven’t already seen it you really need to watch it.

For some, they’re a real game changer.

Face ID

While many have tried to trick Apple’s Face ID (that allows users to unlock their phone and perform other affirming actions with their face), few have been as successful as identical twins.

While there was a one in 50,000 chance a random user could unlock your phone with Touch ID which uses fingerprints, Face ID has one in a million chance of a random person being able to use it.

As long as you don’t have an evil twin you should be OK.


The iPhone X’s camera and accompanying effects are being celebrated on Twitter.

To be fair this does look pretty cool – his hand is invisible!

But not everyone is a fan of taking super-high-definition pics.

We’re sure you’ll find a suitable filter, Trevor.

Handle with care

If you have just spent $1000 dollars on an iPhone, let us assure you that dropping it is not a good idea. But you wouldn’t be alone in your clumsiness.

We found a few people saying they’d already dropped their phones in the first couple of days of owning them.

Twitter even dedicated a Moment to dropping iPhone Xs.

Be careful out there, people!

Are you a journalist looking to cover our data? Drop us an email at for more information or if you have a request.

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