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Published October 26th 2012

Report: Which Monitoring Tool is the Most Satisfactory?

We recently wrote about an independent report into the social media monitoring sector and pulled out some highlights written about Brandwatch.

But just as important as discovering what leading digital agencies think of our tool is finding out what our users think.

Conveniently, Web Liquid, the masterminds behind the aforementioned report, also published the results of their survey of monitoring tool users.

Our last post on the topic showed this graph, which illustrates how we’re the only tool that the majority of users would recommend to others.

Would you recommend your primary Social Media Monitoring tool to your peers?

There were a number of other questions posed in Web Liquid’s survey, which we’re very proud to say we scored favourably in too.

The questions were split by facets of the tool, so that prospective buyers can see the various aspects of each tool that might appeal to them. Separating feedback on abstract criteria such as value from other more specific things like ease of use allows potential buyers to weight their own needs

We’d like to take this opportunity to share some of the results with you here. Actually, scrap that, we’ll share all of the results, so you’re not viewing a biased sample of what people thought of each tool, and in particular, our beloved Brandwatch.

So without further ado, here are the six remaining sections of the survey that tasked a pool of SMM tools users to rank, based on the question:

Are you satisfied with these aspects of your primary Social Media Monitoring tool?


For value we scored higher than any other solution. You’ll also notice that not only did a huge majority of our customers respond that they were satisfied with value for money, but when compared with our competitors (especially Radian6), we knock it out the park.

Data for the other three looks very small in volume, but credit to Synthesio, who look like they have no clients that aren’t satisfied with their value. Take a look at our pricing if you’d like to determine for yourself – we’re so confident of our good value that we’re almost completely alone in the industry in displaying it right here on our website, for all to see and compare. You won’t find a more transparent company than us.

Data Visualisation

We regularly release data visualisations, which if you’re a regular reader of our blog you’ll already know.

However, this report is actually talking about how effectively we visualise the data within our app.

As you can see, Brandwatch trounces the competition with this one, though Radian6 and Synthesio also score positively in this field.

Ease of Use

Judging by the feedback from this question, it appears that most monitoring tools are easy to use, with even the many tools included in ‘other’ attaining largely satisfactory scores for ease of use.

Just a handful of our clients find our ease of use unsatisfactory which, although it’s reassuring that it’s a tiny minority, is something we take very seriously. We’re working on some projects that will hopefully eliminate that small pocket of resistance in the near future.

Depth of Features

This is one of the most important areas covered in the survey, and we’re happy to see such a high level of satisfaction regarding our depth of features.

Once again though, while most monitoring solutions were considered satisfactory for their depth of features, Brandwatch was particularly so.

Data Insights

Insight is an integral word for monitoring companies, and it’s no surprise to see all tools fare pretty well in this category.

It looks like 80% of our clients are happy with the quality of data insights that we afford, though as with some of the others, the likes of Alterian and MutualMind have very small data sets for this question.

Overall Experience

The clincher. The all-encompassing question that grills users on their satisfaction with their listening provider: it’s good marks all round for all the companies included, though Brandwatch are head and shoulders above the competition, with not a single one of the polled users declaring anything but satisfaction with our product.

A satisfactory response indeed.

If you’d like to discover why we fared so favourably in this independent report for yourself, get in touch with us to see the tool in action.

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