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Introducing Brandwatch Search, an instant, unlimited search that leverages game-changing AI to make finding relevant conversations simple.

Search made simple

Smart-powered searches do the hard work for you. Start typing and Brandwatch will auto-suggest potential searches. Gather relevant data in seconds without spending hours writing a query.

No more hours wasted

Save time and analyze billions of posts in an instant using the world’s fastest search, leaving you time to work on what really matters. 

Discover insights others miss

With no limits, you can search for any topic at any time. Whether it’s large global trends, or small conversation topics. Discover insights you’d usually miss. 

Insights you can trust

AI-powered searches collect relevant data, fast. Gather relevant and reliable data in seconds without spending hours creating a specific boolean-based search.

Get answers in seconds

Time-consuming jobs now take just seconds with Search. With unlimited data and no caps on searches you can answer important business questions in no time. 

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What makes Search different?

  • Search all public consumer conversations: With 16 billion conversations collected every 30 days, Search provides access to the most data ever available.

  • Understand opinion from across the web: Gather data from over 100 million sites for comprehensive analysis of news, reviews, blogs, forums, social networks, and more.

  • No other provider makes collecting data this simple: Using the world's smartest search, you'll simply select what you want to search from a dropdown menu.

Falcon.io is now part of Brandwatch.
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Existing customer?Log in to access your existing Falcon products and data via the login menu on the top right of the page.New customer?You'll find the former Falcon products under 'Social Media Management' if you go to 'Our Suite' in the navigation.

Paladin is now Influence.
You're in the right place!

Brandwatch acquired Paladin in March 2022. It's now called Influence, which is part of Brandwatch's Social Media Management solution.Want to access your Paladin account?Use the login menu at the top right corner.