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Social Intelligence for the CPG Industry

The CPG industry has been slow in adopting social insights into their businesses.

In a world where consumers expect a high level of customer experience, this has seen the industry failing to meet their needs online.

It’s time for CPG organizations to learn from the innovations both within and outside their industry when using social data.

“With its advanced listening and analysis abilities, Brandwatch helps us monitor, measure and improve the engagement of our communities, both internally and externally”

Adrienne Rostaing, Market Insights & Data Manager

Where does your brand sit on our Social Index?

We’ve collected data from millions of online sources and ranked the brand health of the world’s leading food and beverage brands. Check your score.


The CPG industry is in a state of flux. New markets are emerging and bringing in different demographics. Increasingly consumers are turning away from the larger CPG organizations preferring niche products.

It’s essential that CPG companies build relationships with customers and listen to demand. This can be achieved through social analytics.

Read the resources below to discover how other CPG brands are using social intelligence. 

Where does your brand sit on our Social Index?

We’ve collected data from millions of online sources and ranked the brand health of the world’s leading packaged goods brands.

Learn how to manage your “online shelf space”

Brandwatch monitored 49 of the largest consumer goods brands on social and analyzed over 1 million conversations.

Read our Social Snapshot to uncover how you can use social data to make informed product decisions and strengthen customer relationships.

Market Research Webinar

"In the future we want to continue putting out unexpected but thumb-stopping content on social. Much of our data uncovered in Brandwatch helped provide actual insights of what future campaigns can be about."

Connie Yiu, Social Media Marketing Manager, Dollar Shave Club

Discover how the experts use social listening

Collecting the voice of the customer using social data allows brands to discover what else they care about, giving them a fuller picture of their target audience.

In this guide an expert group gave us insight into how they use social consumer data to understand their customers and how it impacted their business.

Discover how you can apply this to your business.

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