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Get to know Brandwatch's Data Diversity

To collect trustworthy insights, you’ll need data that’s varied in its coverage. At Brandwatch, we source data from over 100 million different sites.
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Learn about Brandwatch's expansive data coverage

Brandwatch data is sourced from social networks, micro-blogging platforms, blogs, image sites, video sites, forums, news sites, and more.

While it’s not possible to list the millions of sites we crawl, here's a glimpse at the main sites we cover:

  • Social Networks: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Reddit, Tumblr, Flickr
  • Blogs: Ameba, WordPress, TMZ, IGN, Business Wire, Business Insider, TechRadar
  • Forums: Yahoo Answers, Mumsnet, MyFitnessPal, Goodreads, Investopedia
  • Review Sites: Google Reviews, Booking.com,Open Table, BestBuy, HomeDepot, Tripadvisor
  • News: CNN, ABC, BuzzFeed, Guardian, GoogleNews, Washington Post, MSN, BBC

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1. Reddit

With over 100,000 active communities and 50 million daily active users, Reddit is THE go-to destination for people looking to find and engage with others who share common interests.

As Official Reddit Partners, we offer complete access to full Reddit data, which is ideal for trend/ crisis detection, audience and persona analysis, and customer experience and support.

Why use Reddit data?

  • Early trend/crisis detection
  • Rich consumer intelligence
  • Deep audience analysis

2. Forums

Forums serve as an online discussion board where people can discover and connect with like-minded communities, ask questions about niche interests and seek purchase recommendations.

Forums are a great way to create social connections and gain a sense of community with an interest group about a particular topic. This data is best used for product development, customer care, and persona research.

Why use Forum data?

  • Rich Consumer Conversations
  • Topic relevancy
  • Self-selecting audiences
  • Early visibility
  • Honest Feedback

3. Blogs

A blog is an information website that consists of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries. Blogs are often interactive and include sections for individual blogs posts where readers can leave comments.

Blog data is best used for brand monitoring, influencer marketing, trend analysis, and content strategy.

Why use blog data?

  • High topic relevancy
  • Influential voices
  • Early warnings

Data sources for compelling storytelling

“This amalgamation of different data sources is essential in providing a comprehensive image of the customer that can be translated into specific company decisions."

– Alessandra Cervi, Global Digital Insights Manager | Barilla

4. Tumblr

Tumblr is a blogging and social media tool that allows users to post short blogs and offers a free-form nature where users can fully customize their pages, making it a unique selling point of the platform.

With 571 million blogs, 135 million monthly active users and 9.4 million daily posts, Tumblr is a hub of discussion on the internet’s favorite things.

Tumblr is best used for brand monitoring, audience analysis, and content strategy.

Why use Tumblr data?

  • Full data and deep insights
  • Creative content
  • Growing audience

5. News Sources

News coverage includes international, national and local press, industry, trade and business sources, press wires, scientific publications and journals, consumer magazines, and sports sites.

Over 150 million unique news articles every month and over 8,500 premium news sources from over 200 countries in over 90 languages.

News source data is best used for crisis detection, and media analysis.

Why use New Source data?

  • Global research
  • Complete coverage of regions
  • Alerts to biggest news stories

6. Facebook and Instagram

As two of the largest social networks in the world, Facebook and Instagram are critical marketing channels and sources of global consumer opinions. 

Brandwatch offers the most compliantly available data possible from Meta. With our new release of public Facebook data, you can tap into a wealth of insights from over 200,000 public Facebook profiles, right out-of-the-box. Brandwatch also runs image analysis and logo recognition on Instagram data. 

Facebook and Instagram data are best used for channel performance benchmarking, crisis detection, and customer care.

Why use Facebook and Instagram data?

  • Key marketing channels
  • Vast audiences
  • Globally critical sources
  • High volumes of data

The most sophisticated reviews analysis yet

“Brandwatch is a great example of a partner that’s giving us amazing cutting-edge marketing technology.”

– Zander Sebenius, Director | Strategy and Operations | Potential Energy Coalition

7. Reviews

We collect Mentions from a range of Review sites including: Google Play, Apple App Store, OpenTable, Flipkart, Steam Community, BestBuy, Glassdoor, Review Centre, Reviews.io, eBay, CNET, Amazon, TrustPilot, and more!

Benchmark your product against your competitors over reviews, news, social to build a holistic view of your brand or product.

Why use Reviews data?

  • Compare and contrast research
  • Monitoring trends
  • Comparison against competitors

Insights you can rely on, data you can trust

“I think one of the things is actually making sure that data is brought together in one place. I think too often we’re looking at different data sources in silos and it isn’t until you bring it together that you can actually see the whole picture.”

– Vanella Jackson, CEO | Hall and Partners

Coming soon: Broadcast News

Broadcast Data provides you with real-time coverage of over 1,000 TV and radio channels across North America directly within Consumer Research.

Broadcast data is best used for media monitoring, brand monitoring, crisis management, and paid strategies.

Why use broadcast data?

  • Simple searchability
  • Embedded video
  • Full earned media picture
  • Analytics all in one place

What makes Brandwatch so great?

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“Ease of use and value for money. Usability. Easy to navigate. Excellent Support team. Smooth onboarding.”

— Khalsa Hughes | Social Media Manager | Smurfit Kappa, A FTSE 100 Company

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