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Published January 26th 2023

Brandwatch Becomes an Official Reddit Partner

Becoming an Official Reddit Partner marks a significant milestone in Brandwatch’s journey with Reddit insights.

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Brandwatch has entered into Reddit’s Official Partner program, providing broad access to the most insightful data, trends, and insights from the most compelling subreddits across the Reddit platform.

Boasting more than 100,000 communities and over 50m daily active users, Reddit provides Brandwatch clients with the ability to listen and learn from some of the internet’s most spirited and fast-moving discussions. This partnership is another step in Brandwatch’s dedication and commitment to empower its clients to move at the speed of social.

Reddit communities, and the corresponding conversations and insights, are among the most passionate and informed in the world, making them a vital resource of insight for brands. As redditors discuss everything from pets to parenting, Brandwatch customers will be able to understand and leverage the changing tides of popular opinion to better deliver the goods and services that social-media-savvy consumers want. 

A history of collaboration and compliance

Official Partnership status is the latest step in the journey Brandwatch and Reddit have been on together, and is testament to our continued commitment to offering our clients access to credible, data-driven insights.

Brandwatch was the first company in the industry to legally and compliantly offer Reddit community data within its product offering, and has worked to showcase the nuances and value of Reddit communities and conversations to data-minded professionals for years.

Brandwatch has long sought the most elevated partnerships from the world’s most notable and widely used social media platforms. These partnerships not only empower Brandwatch and its clients with product innovations, but act as a promise to maintain compliance and collaboration.

From ready-to-use, Reddit-specific Social Panels to year-end trend reports, this partnership will accelerate product innovation and new feature creation.

"Brandwatch has a history of data compliance, and that's crucial to the work we do at Reddit. Privacy is core to Reddit's DNA, we believe it is a right and are committed to creating an environment where people feel informed and in control of their identity", said Rob Gaige, Director of Global Insights at Reddit. “This allows redditors to contribute freely and authentically to their communities. As such, we look forward to working even more closely with Brandwatch now that they are a member of our partner program. We know they take the responsibility to protect user privacy as seriously as we do."
“Brandwatch helps brands increase their understanding of consumers,” said Mikael Lemberg, SVP Product & Global Partnerships at Brandwatch. “With Reddit being home to endless consumer conversations, it is a rich hub of consumer intelligence and we’re ecstatic to be one of the few vendors in the market to receive this recognition. This new partnership strengthens our relationship with Reddit and shows our commitment to providing compliant and consistent insights for our clients.”

Get in touch today to see how to utilize Reddit as a source of consumer opinion with Brandwatch.

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