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How do you stay ahead?

Consumers have access to more data to inform their purchasing decision than ever before. Trends go viral in a matter of days and consumer behavior can shift rapidly.

Brands who cannot keep up with this changing dynamic risk falling behind competitors who can anticipate and react faster to new trends.

Trusted by hundreds of technology brands

Studying consumer conversations enables Lenovo to discover real-time insights and answer critical questions, including:

  • What are the new trends in the consumer tech space?
  • How are our products perceived by different audiences?
  • What do consumers base their purchasing decisions on?
  • How can we create messaging that resonates with their needs?

Product Development - Analysing ThinkPad Reviews

  • 96% of all purchases are made for products with an average rating of 4 or more stars
  • Products with an average rating of 5 stars receive 126% more orders than those with 4 stars
  • Battery life and the screen are the cause of most of the 1 star reviews for the Lenovo ThinkPad T440
  • Could analysis like this help you inform product development and marketing strategy and drive more sales?

Researching purchasing reasons - gaming laptops

  • What do buyers look for when shopping - display, design or maybe performance?
  • What used to be a popular feature last year may no longer be relevant to consumers 
  • Knowing how purchasing reasons are changing can help you get ahead of competition and market your products more effectively
  • It looks like gaming on the go is rising in popularity - portability and display are rising in popularity 

Consumer Insights - Yoga Slim 7

  • The Yoga Slim 7 is a popular laptop that caters to many different users
  • Uncovering how your customers want to use your product can help inform how you promote it
  • It appears this laptop is popular with business users who like to game after hours - idea for a campaign?

Launch feedback - Lenovo Phone Duel 2

  • The dual-fan cooling system is the feature that resonated with consumers the most and is being called the biggest innovation in the sector
  • Performance & display is widely discussed, with a lot of buzz around the Snapdragon 888 processor and the screen’s high refresh rate
  • Consumers also really like the addition of fast charging as a strong differentiating factor
  • Durability and design received some criticism after a video showing the phone snapping during a bend test was widely shared.
  • Comparisons to the Asus ROG Phone 5 (known for being fragile) soon followed

A Leader in Forrester Wave™

Our data, insights and services are trusted by the most innovative brands across the globe. Forrester has recognized this by naming us a leader in their latest market evaluation. 

The vendor is zeroed in on delivering brand customer-centric innovation”: Others vendors focus on adding small ticket features for marketing measurement, Brandwatch is focused on innovation that uncovers genuine consumer insights.

- The Forrester Wave™, Social Listening Platforms, Q4 2020

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David Kaczmarczyk | Strategic Brand Consultant at Brandwatch

My role is to assist large enterprises implement technology and infrastructure for real time consumer insights with Brandwatch.

Our market leading, research software, and expert services, enable companies to bring the voice of the customer to the centre of the organisation.

Chat with me today to:

  • Discuss your use cases and business needs

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“Brandwatch provides us with billions of different customer views that we can use across a number of different products and propositions and strategies and anything else that we want to work with.”

— Adam Mills, B2B Brand Strategy and Insight, BT Group

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