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Celebration of You.





Our mission

Brandwatch is a Brighton-born company, and our HQ still sits here. It’s culture has helped shape what Brandwatch is today; from our work ethics to our out of office activities. Pride is a corner stone of what Brighton is, and so it is for Brandwatch.

Though Brandwatch is now a global company, we have a set of company values that we share amongst our offices across the globe, Bold, Brilliant, Accountable, Authentic and Connected.

With these values and our culture, we wanted to participate in Brighton Pride, and go big. We want to say to our current LGBTQIA+ employees and their families: We see you, we value you, we thank you for your work and want to help you celebrate what makes you… you.

Charity support over Pride

Brandwatch are supporting LGBTQ+ charity Switchboard, over this year’s pride months.

Switchboard helps LGBTQ+ people find their community, grow in confidence and realise their own unique potential. Switchboard has a number of vital projects including a helpline, counselling, peer support and drop ins cafes around Brighton.

We believe everyone should be able to live their true lives without fear or judgement, join us and donate anything you can here.

What inspired us

When Shigetaka Kurita designed the first emoji set back in 1999, his objective was to to create a set of characters that could “cover the entire breadth of human emotion.” Emojis are now ubiquitous. They provide us with a universal and inclusive language that covers a wide representation of people, objects, and activities. They help transcend the limits of electronic communication, enriching language with a level of emotion and expression that would be impossible to express in just 280 standard characters. Now we’re only limited by our imagination and an ever growing emoji set.

Befitting of our theme, Celebration of you, we decided that emojis could provide a voice for Brandwatch employees to freely express themselves both individually and collectively. Our float is a composition of crowdsourced emoji that we collectively use in our everyday communication with each other. Our emoji t-shirts are individual choices, each, no doubt, has a personal story, character trait or interesting anecdote behind it. Together we celebrate the diversity, individuality and creativity of the fabulous people working at Brandwatch.


Emojis from “Twemoji” by Twitter


Our work with Specialist Models

We were absolutely thrilled to be able to collaborate with
the creative genius that is Kris Mohaved from Specialist Models to come up with something really fun and unique for our pride float.

We first got to know Kris last year when we worked with him to create Fab and Scoop for the Martlets Snailspace campaign and were blown away by his model making expertise and ability to rationalise and turn our ideas into delightful tangible creations.


Out now: Ditch The Label Report

Brandwatch and Ditch the Label joined forces to analyse 10 million online posts over a three-and-a-half year period to explore the current climate of transphobic speech online.

Carrying on from the 2016 Cyberbullying and Hate Speech report, we’ve used social data from multiple online sources to track and measure the rates of transphobic speech online as well as pro-trans conversations. The issue continues to grow at a fast rate, and it is our responsibility to better understand the dynamics and nature of transphobic abuse online so that we can continue to evolve and develop the support services we offer.

The report is available to the public now.

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