Brandwatch Vizia + BuzzSumo Trending Content

Visualizing a world of content.

The latest Vizia integration allows marketers to visualize trending, viral and most recent content from BuzzSumo’s market-leading platform. 

Be the first to know

Whether it’s industry news or intel on a competitor’s acquisition, it pays to know.

With BuzzSumo’s trending content feature, you can stay up to speed with the news across 12 verticals including tech, marketing, health and fashion.

What’s more, if you’re a BuzzSumo customer you can create your own custom feed based on any topic.

"With Vizia, instead of creating content that we think is going to be discussed, we know that it is being discussed. You can tell in what volumes, by what people, and in which locations."

Leo Ryan, Ogilvy

In search of inspiration?

With so much content being shared every second, it’s hard to know what will land.

With this integration, you can begin to understand the content going viral and the metrics behind it.

Gain inspiration for your content and engagement strategies. Begin positioning your brand as a thought leader.


Tell powerful stories with data

Another piece of the puzzle

There is a growing list of tools you require to do your job.

With Vizia, you can bring these tools together into one central hub. Blending data to identify deeper insights has never been easier.

Understand what your customers are saying and map that to trending content to unlock authentic and customer-centric marketing opportunities

How informed is your content strategy?

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