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7 reasons why you should be

investing in consumer intelligence

Marketing budgets are often tight and new technologies need to prove their value. Here are the top ways consumer intelligence can save you money and drive business goals.

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#1 – Track your brand health

How do your customers feel about your brand? Monitor mentions of your brand online to understand customer perceptions, spot changes in sentiment, and measure brand visibility – all in real time.

Be the first to know when people are talking about your company and learn how your brands, products, and logos are shared across millions of online sources. Understand the historical context behind your brand to find new strategic insights.

#2 – Get a holistic view of your customers

Develop deeper intelligence around consumer data to feed into your organization's strategy and processes. The world’s fastest growing companies stay ahead by keeping up with consumer needs to make informed, consumer-centric decisions across the business.

Go beyond the usual metrics and reports and put the voice of the consumer at the heart of your organization with deep, detailed analysis that anyone can access and explore easily.

#3 – Increase social media ROI

Calculating your social media ROI can uncover key performance insights which, in turn, can guide strategy, budgeting, and resource allocation. Social media ROI can help:

  • Demonstrate the value of social media marketing to your company
  • Support social media budget requirements
  • Identify areas where your strategy is working well
  • Pinpoint areas where your strategy has fallen short

#4 – Spot new industry trends

Anticipate consumer needs. With access to the largest source of historical consumer conversations, you can spot trends competitors miss.

With 10 years of historical data, you can reliably spot new opportunities for product expansion, market growth, or new marketing campaigns and make better data-backed decisions for the future of the business.

“Brandwatch helped me to quickly identify and understand my brand’s target audience within minutes. It’s a powerful source of real-time insight.”

Linda Hoeberigs, Data Scientist, Unilever People Data Centre

#5 – Sunset and launch new products

Traditional market research is time-consuming and costly. Brandwatch gives you access to the world’s largest pool of online consumer discussion and lets you monitor conversation across the web.

Consumer insights can provide product teams with vital feedback from end users.

#6 – Keep an eye on the competition

Competitive intelligence is about more than knowing what your competitors are doing. It’s about getting to know the landscape in which your organization, products, and services exist, defining the metrics your business will use to measure success, and using that information to make better strategic decisions.

As customer experience becomes a vital differentiator for purchase decisions, benchmark where, when, and how customers talk about your brand vs your competitors.

#7 – Create personalized experiences

Consumers of all ages use online platforms to discuss everything from fast food to vacations to telemedicine. All that unsolicited feedback can help companies bridge the gap between customer expectations and reality.

One of the best ways to improve CX is to monitor and learn from real-time information available on social, and being agile in terms of putting those learnings into action. 

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