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Latest resource: Maturing from social listening to digital consumer intelligence

A practical guide to levelling up how consumer insights are used across your organization

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Published March 1st 2019

The Top Brands at MWC 2019

MWC 2019 is over, but the conversation continues online. Here we take a look at the top brands, products and trends that caught social's attention this year.

Every year crowds gather in Barcelona to get their hands on the latest products and learn about the innovative directions tech giants are looking to go in the future.

Annual attendance generally sits at around 100,000 people, but the products that go on show in Barcelona are spoken about by a far wider audience than that.

Using Brandwatch Analytics, we tracked online conversations surrounding MWC 2019 to see what aspects of it got the attention of wider world. In fact, we tracked nearly 200k mentions of the conference on social with a reach of approximately 500 million people.

Here’s what we found within all that chatter.

The biggest brands

As a brand showcasing at a conference like this, the aim will always be to beat out the competition in raising hype.

Huawei did an excellent job of that this year, as the most talk about organization in the whole of MWC 2019 conversation.

Huawei was closely followed by Ericsson (2nd) and Nokia (3rd).

Of course, lots of mentions can be great – but not if they’re all saying bad things. As an experiment, we tagged up mentions of Huawei, Ericsson and Nokia with terms relating to innovation – surely the most important part of MWC.

We found that Huawei, again, was the winner.

MWC 2019: Top mentioned brands

Brand name Number of mentions Mentions of "innovation" within 10 words of brand name
Huawei 17372 1031
Ericsson 14562 727
Nokia 9663 343
Mentions gathered across social media 25 - 28 February | Data via @BW_React

The top products

Finding the top products at a huge conference like this can be a challenge. Often they’ll have names that are difficult to categorize automatically as belonging to a particular category which means Brandwatch Analytics’ “organization” filter won’t immediately bring them up.

In order to find the top products, we clicked around the keywords most associated with the MWC conversation as well as the top brands we found. We also browsed influential online articles to check we weren’t missing anything.

The results were these five consumer products that managed to gain a lot of interest online:

5. Samsung Galaxy S10 (2.4k mentions)

One of the new standard Samsung Galaxy S10s will set you back around $899.99.


4. Nokia 9 PureView (2.6k mentions)

This camera-heavy device will be available in March for between $599-$699.

3. Samsung Galaxy Fold (2.8k mentions)

This snazzy gadget is reported to have a starting price of $1,980 in the US.


2. Hololens 2 (3.6k mentions)

The only non-smart phone on our list is this mixed reality device made by Microsoft. Prices for the Hololens 2 start at $3,500.

1. Huawei Mate X (5.6k mentions)

This foldable hype machine will go on sale for around $2,600.

The top buzzwords

At any tech conference you’re going to get an influx of hashtags relating to the buzzwords of the day.

Taking a look at the top hashtags and keywords in the MWC 2019 conversation, we were able to fish out the most-used techy buzzwords of the conference:

5G is definitely the most on-trend of the buzzwords this year, and IoT is also pretty huge.

What to take away from MWC 2019 on social

I’d say there are two key things I’ll take away from the data I studied around MWC 2019.

1. The battle of foldable phones

Samsung and Huawei have both displayed their innovative foldable offerings, with Huawei gaining the most attention this time around. That said, the Galaxy Fold is significantly cheaper than the Mate X, so that will likely be an issue when these smartphones hit the market.

I’m intrigued to see what other players will enter the game with foldable devices, and how each of these will do going forward.

2. Huawei’s growing share of voice

“Today we’re becoming one of the leading brands, globally,” said Huawei Consumer Business Group CEO Richard Yu in the company’s MWC press conference.

It wasn’t always that way, and only in the last few years have Huawei began to get global recognition.

Last year they came third in our brand share of voice rankings. This time they’re topping it.

With thanks to Chelsea Varney for research support.

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