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Brandwatch + Hootsuite Analytics Integration

Unifying the power of Brandwatch and Hootsuite Analytics allows you to visualize your brand perception and gain insight on your social performance, your competitor actions and trends developing in your market – all within the Hootsuite dashboard.

How it works

Learn how Brandwatch + Hootsuite can help your business.

1. Select a Dashboard

Choose between one of five pre-made dashboards to visualize your data.

2. Filter your data

Apply any combination of filters to break-down your data by location, sentiment, demographics and more.

3. Interact to discover insights

Click through and peaks in data to discover the conversations fueling discussion behind your brand.

4. View Dashboards and stay aware

Create insightful Dashboards to monitor your brand or competitors in real time.

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How Brandwatch + Hootsuite Can Help

Competitive Intelligence

Discover how you compare, how to improve, and how to get an edge over your competitors.

Consumer Insights

Answer questions about your consumers to improve your marketing, your product, your customer experience and more.

Campaign Management

Make data-driven decisions throughout a campaign’s lifecycle to increase the efficiency, reach and lifespan of your campaigns.

Influencer Marketing

Look beyond vanity metrics and find the Twitter authors who hold real influence over your audience.

Crisis Management

With real-time, by the second access to social data, detect every crisis early and respond effectively.

Threat Detection

Set up automated email alerts to notify you if your brand starts trending.

Want to see this unique integration in action?

Discover the value social listening provides

Read our latest industry research and discover the trends on social that are reshaping consumer behavior

Crimson Hexagon has merged with Brandwatch. You’re in the right place!

From May 8th, all Crimson Hexagon products are now on the Brandwatch website. You’ll find them under ‘Products’ in the navigation. If you’re an existing customer and you want to know more, your account manager will be happy to help.