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Boost your revenue by analyzing reviews

The difference between a 3.9 star and a 4.1 star rating could result in the loss or gain of thousands of orders.

Analyzing customer reviews isn’t just a good idea – it’s vital to boosting online sales.

Improve your ranking

Learn what negative reviewers want, spot opportunities to improve your position, and gain a higher product rating.

Get specific with smart filters to discover and fix customer pain points.

Beat your competitors

Compare directly with your competitors to spot weaknesses that you can capitalize on.

Consolidate thousands of competitor reviews from multiple sources in one single source of truth.

Discover game-changing buyer needs

Find the small improvements that will supercharge growth.

Monitor all historical reviews over time to learn how consumer needs have changed and anticipate future preferences.

Sell more online

Get better reviews, beat the competition, create better products, and ultimately sell more online.

With full historical data, best-in-class sentiment detection, and entity-level segmentation, you’ll have valuable insights at the fingertips of decision makers across your business.

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What you’ll learn with Brandwatch Reviews:

  • How to predict future complaints: Monitor reviews over time to gauge trends and better anticipate what people want and need.

  • Consumers' common complaints: Spot trends across 230 review sites.

  • The features customers are craving: Identify the functionalities people are asking for.

  • Insights about untapped markets: Analyze reviews in an adjacent industry to spot opportunities and risks.

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