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Your data insights strategy

Are you experiencing any of these issues?

If so, Brandwatch can help


It's taking you way too long to get to actionable insights

Disjointed data

You're using disjointed systems to conduct media monitoring, social media and influencer marketing management

X (formerly Twitter) data

You're not able to fully access X (formerly Twitter) data sources

Insights visibility

You're not able to clearly articulate insights within the organization

Trend detection

You're not able to anticipate trends and differentiate between those that are here to stay and the short-term fads

The social ROI

You're not able to prove the ROI on your social strategy and consumer research methods

Differentiated by our unique services

While our technologies are best in class, what sets us apart is our people. We build teams tailored to our clients' needs, comprised of subject-matter experts with specialized knowledge in digital, research, vertical, and business domains.

We can deliver comprehensive research solutions that inform your strategies.

  • Analysis and Insights: Custom deep-dive media and industry analyses. Real-time or event-based

  • Media Tracking and Reporting: Track, engage and report on authenticated or unauthenticated journalists and creators

  • Brand Health, Content, Campaign, Crisis and Product Monitoring: Scheduled, always-on, surge, monitoring-, management or escalation-as-a-service

World-leading social suite

Why choose Brandwatch

A flexible solution to suit your specific objectives and directly contribute to your business outcomes

Save time

Skyscanner automated alerts through Slack so that brand mentions could be shared directly with the right people at the right time. “Automation saves us significant time because, again, Brandwatch does the work for us. When we see it on Slack, we have more visibility on the indirect mentions, which was not the case before.”


Cut costs

Needed to assess shifts in brand health against competitors in a more agile way. “Decisions are now based on sample sizes that are ~1000% larger than alternative research, insights generation is dramatically faster and research costs were reduced 50%”

Global CPG company

Mitigate risks

“If there is someone who has a significant number of followers talking about our brand, or if there is a particular issue we are worried about that might come up in public conversations, alerts are sent to the team every morning to make sure we’re aware of what’s happening online.”

The Body Shop

Increase market share

“Saw a 30% annual increase in filter sales and 300% growth of their social media community using Brandwatch to inform their strategy when entering a new market.”


Increase customer lifetime value

“We’ve managed to reduce the number of negative interactions that are intrinsically linked to the telecom industry, whilst at the same time creating an environment for conversation between our team of analysts and other departments.


Brandwatch is shaping the future of consumer research.

Through our committed product roadmap, we promise to build the enterprise social suite of the future.

Omnichannel coverage

Expanded social coverage through official partnerships | Exclusive premium news from Dow Jones | Integrated traditional earned media from Cision

Intelligent workflows

Proprietary AI-powered trend detection | Advanced sentiment, risk and prominence scoring | New generative AI integrations

Best-in-class experience

Unified paid, owned and earned data platform | Connected intelligence and management suite | Increased shareablility and collaboration

Game-changing new AI features powered by GPT

Iris Conversation Insights in Consumer Research lets you click on any data point to receive a short and digestible paragraph of the underlying causes and themes.

  • Understand spikes in sentiment, conversations around your brand, news stories, trends and more in seconds.

  • Filter out any non-relevant insights instantly so you can find, understand, and action game-changing insights for your organization quickly.

(Re)Watch our 5-minute on-demand product tour

This is a 5-minute refresher on the deep research capabilities and features of Brandwatch Consumer Research.

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How do real users rate their experience with Brandwatch?

Have a look around the reviews from our clients on G2. We're proud to be a leader in several categories in G2's Summer Report 2023. 

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Learn how Samsung is rolling out Brandwatch globally

"In cases like this, we must have appropriate templates for all teams, markets, and use cases."

— Prashant Mistry, Social & Digital Insights Lead at Samsung

“Brandwatch helped me to quickly identify and understand my brand’s target audience within minutes. It’s a powerful source of real-time insight.”

Linda Hoeberigs, Data Scientist, Unilever People Data Centre

A Leader in the current 2020 Forrester Wave™

Why Brandwatch?

  • A pioneer in AI with ever-evolving AI-search, custom classifiers, image analysis and more;
  • A global team of subject matter experts in customer success, tech services, education and strategy;
  • Most compliant data of the highest quality from over 1.6 trillion posts across more than 100 million sites.
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