[New Research] Emojis and Emotions in 2021

We looked at over 20bn data points across 2021 to understand how we use emojis and emotional language to express ourselves online

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Understanding your consumers just got simpler

Introducing Social Panels: Market research for the digital age

Consumer opinion is changing rapidly

Traditional market research methods can’t match the ever-changing nature of modern day consumers.

Social Panels is a consumer analysis feature which helps you to bring your consumer opinion research up to speed, ready for the 21st century.

Discover unique people

You can build unique Social Panels by uploading a list of relevant people, or by searching the world’s largest pool of online conversation for relevant consumers.

Find groups of individuals within the platform based on criteria like location, gender, or interests and start building panels that are relevant to your research.

Listen to any topic

Once you’ve created your panel, you can start to explore their conversations.

Discover what they say about your brand, industry, or a specific topic. You could even keep it broad, and listen to everything they say online.

Get rapid insights

Social Panels is a much quicker way to analyze consumer opinion than traditional market research methods.

Rather than waiting weeks for results, you can collect insights about your consumers in seconds. You can also look back historically and find out how your panels’ views have shifted over time.

Ready to Use Social Panels

There’s no need to build some of the most popular Social Panels. Get started immediately with Ready to Use Social Panels, built by the experts at Brandwatch. Deeply understand groups like millennials and baby boomers instantly with help from our world-class reporting and analyzing capabilities.

With the Social Panels feature, we have discovered a new way to expand our existing author lists in order to be able to carry out more targeted analysis in the future.

Marcel Heitmeier, Social Media Intelligence Specialist, Nestlé Deutschland AG
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See Social Panels in action

If you’d like to learn more about how Social Panels can help your business, complete the following demo request form.

With Social Panels, you can:

  • Benchmark your panels against one and other: Discover the differences between your consumers and your competitor’s consumers to sharpen your competitive edge.

  • Find panelists, without geographical constraints: You can find panelists from anywhere in the world, giving you greater flexibility than a traditional focus group.

  • Develop products your customers will love: Listen to the preferences of your consumers and create products that you know they’ll love.

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