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10 major Brandwatch updates helping the smartest companies on the planet accelerate growth

This year, more than ever, brands will have to navigate economic, social, political, and technological change.

To help you grow and protect your brand in these uncertain times, in 2022, we consolidated and expanded our product suite, bringing together intelligent and efficient tools.

You can now benefit from:

  • More industry-leading tools, all under one roof
  • Easy-to-use solutions everyone can succeed with
  • The most sophisticated reviews analysis yet
  • Business partnerships that give you exclusive access to new opportunities

Forget business as usual, sharpen up your tech toolkit

Learn from Product Marketing Director, Nick Taylor, how your company can accelerate growth.

More industry leading tools, all under one roof

“It’s really nice to have everything located in one space. It’s great to be able to see all of the different channels lined up on the platform, creating a good flow of working, interacting, and collaborating with one another.”

– Ariela Rose | gTEAM Editor | Glossier

1. More tools, one unified user experience

Manage consumer research, social media, and influencer marketing all in Brandwatch

Last year Brandwatch, Falcon.io, and Paladin joined forces, bringing together best-in-breed consumer intelligence, social media management, and influencer marketing capabilities.

Now, customers with access to any Brandwatch product can log in with a single sign-on and seamlessly navigate between the tools they need.

2. End-to-end influencer marketing

Discover influencers, handle relationships, and measure and manage campaigns in one place

When Brandwatch acquired Paladin, Influence was born.

Influence's discovery tool tracks 30 million global creators, making it easy to pinpoint the right influencers for your brand campaign or agency roster. Influence is integrated with Shopify, allowing you to measure the real ROI of your campaigns.

Ready to take control of your influencer relationships and join the 77% of brands managing campaigns in-house?

3. Synchronized data for seamless collaboration

Save time getting insights to the teams that need them

Analysts conducting research and marketers planning and implementing campaigns can now work from the same datasets by synchronizing brand or topic queries between Consumer Research and Listen (part of our Social Media Management solution).

This also extends workflows across our suite by connecting Consumer Research queries with Engage to feed more complex or specific streams into the inbox of customer-facing teams.

Easy-to-use solutions everyone can succeed with

“With other platforms, the data has been quite noisy and messy, but Brandwatch's interface is straightforward. It's super clean."

– Maggie Matthews | Digital Insights Account Manager | Mindshare

4. Introducing Brandwatch Academy

Onboarding and training that works – for all teams, any skillset, anywhere

We just launched the Brandwatch Academy, a hub of educational resources and courses for getting the most out of all Brandwatch products.

In the Academy, new users can quickly learn the core skills and knowledge needed for each product. Experienced users can hone their skills, find inspiration, and validate their knowledge.

5. Smarter, faster segmentation

Break down and clean your data to uncover reliable insights quickly

Segmenting your data is arguably the most crucial step for turning large amounts of unstructured data into valuable, actionable insights. Brandwatch has offered market-leading keyword and machine learning segmentation capabilities for over a decade.

Now, we’ve made this critical workflow easier and much faster. With just a few clicks, you can break your data down by products, features, or key themes, all in one place.

6. Easy, accurate query creation

Our world-leading AI does the hard work for you

The first challenge anyone conducting research with social data faces is creating a search that captures all the relevant data and only the relevant data. That’s why we’ve made several improvements to how queries are created in Brandwatch.

Now you can use powerful AI terms in any query to instantly collect relevant data on brands, people, or topics – even those with ambiguous names or names with multiple meanings (e.g. Malibu). And you can build your queries more easily with new templates, previews, and a bespoke Facebook search panel.

Business partnerships that give you exclusive access to new opportunities

“Brandwatch helps us risk manage and manage issues that occur in online conversation. It helps our campaigns be more audience focused and enables us to actually learn more from the audience that we interact with.”

– Imantus Auzins | Digital Insights Manager | GSK

7. Official TikTok partners, helping you engage new audiences

Manage your TikTok accounts from one interface alongside your other social channels

In 2022 Brandwatch became an official TikTok partner and launched brand new integrations to let you schedule and publish videos, measure brand performance in real time, and engage with customers on the world’s most popular app.

8. Deeper Meta integrations

Making it easier for you to connect with customers where they’re spending time

Building on Brandwatch’s official business partnership with Meta, we were launch partners for Meta’s new Recurring Notifications, a more modern and effective alternative to email newsletters. Brands can grow their audiences with promoted notifications and create deeper, more personalized connections with customers.

We also added support for Reels, Carousels, and Product Tags on Instagram, helping you create even more engaging content that drives actual sales.

The most sophisticated reviews analysis yet

“Brandwatch is a great example of a partner that’s giving us amazing cutting-edge marketing technology.”

– Zander Sebenius, Director | Strategy and Operations | Potential Energy Coalition

9. Next-generation reviews analytics

Gain a deep understanding of customer needs, product strengths, and weaknesses

Brandwatch Reviews is a powerful tool for monitoring online reviews and those of competitors. You can take your analysis to the next level with the new version of Reviews. Collect data on entire product categories and discover trends and insights to help you win market share in the most saturated markets.

Reviews is now integrated with Consumer Research, allowing you to sync up your review data with all your earned social data.

10. Google reviews are now at your fingertips

Manage all your online reviews in one place to streamline workflows and never miss a beat

You can now connect your Google Business Profile to Brandwatch, allowing you to pull all your reviews into Engage. Manage all of your reviews across different locations in one inbox alongside your other social activity. 

Address reviews in real time, build more positive relationships, and create a better first impression in the place where most consumers first go to research your business.

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— Khalsa Hughes | Social Media Manager | Smurfit Kappa, A FTSE 100 Company

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