Brandwatch Vizia + Hootsuite Impact

A new integration that helps marketers understand the ROI of owned and paid social media like never before.

Organic and paid social

Analyze and optimize your organic and paid social media efforts. Bring all of your integral social channels together and dive into the data you need to make the best investments.

Determine the elusive social media ROI. Optimize campaign performance. Show how your activities are driving real business value.


Driving real action

Bring these insights to life with Vizia and help your team make data-driven decisions, faster.

Elevate the impact of your work with beautiful visualizations. The relationship between spend and results will never have been clearer to your entire organization.




With a view of the big picture.

Not only do you have access to the best owned, earned and paid social data, you can also blend it with any data that matters to you.

Salesforce, Google Analytics, and Google Sheets integrations allow you to get a full-funnel view of your marketing activities and performance.

Bring your marketing data to life – for your team and the business.

Social Media ROI - Visualized Beautifully

The Vizia Framework

Anything is possible.

The Vizia Framework a Javascript development framework allowing any organization to build custom integrations for the Vizia platform.
Harness the data that matters to you. Change the way data is viewed in your business.

Hootsuite Impact

The power of now.

Realizing social media ROI has never been easier.  Now you can seamlessly unite the integral pieces of your organic and paid social story. Understand the relationship between revenue and results and empower your team to deliver results that you can stand by.

See the integration in action.

Book a demo and we’ll show you how Hootsuite Impact and Vizia can help you get better results from social media.