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The Vizia 2 Platform

Awaken and illuminate your business stories. Put them in front of anyone, anywhere. No barriers.

Your data

Showcase your data and watch it enlighten and connect your people, any screen, anywhere in the world.

Your work, your way


Unlock the true value of your data, and ensure everyone experiences your work. Take the data that matters to you and see it visualized in real-time on any screen, anywhere. Make everyone across your business engaged with your data - Vizia 2 transcends language to create transformative change.

Data In

Drive smarter decisions and action by pulling live summary data from Salesforce reports into Vizia and showcasing them to the rest of your organization. Understand the shape of your pipeline, your top performing sales people, or revenue performance over time.

Vizia Framework

The Vizia Framework is a Javascript development framework allowing your organization to build custom apps that run on the Vizia platform. Take any piece of internal data, blend it and distribute it to tell more compelling stories.

Your Data

Your stories

Tell the stories you want told. Curated by you. Create your narrative, humanize your data.

Your story, your way


Annotations give you the power to turn your Vizia installation into a storytelling platform by overlaying your words onto charts, graphs and scenes. Communicate in a powerful and simple way. Add annotations and narrate your world.

The Hub

Distribute your stories to those who need them. Use The Hub to choose and combine your scenes and tiles to create the visualizations that say exactly what you want them to. Simply drag and drop to send Vizia content to your network of screens. Take full control, and distribute your narrative.


Break down location barriers and scale up in seconds. The Chrome Extension is the messenger between your Vizia content and the outside world. Simply download and install to get started. After signing in, you’ll see your device or installation appear in The Hub, and you can then push your Vizia content out any time, anywhere.

Your Stories

Your world

Change your business. Your data stories touch your people through magnetic visualizations. Compelling, enlightening, meaningful beauty that unlocks unknown possibilities.

Your world, your way

Unilever + Vizia 2

“At Unilever, we know how important it is to continually reinvent ourselves. We analyze data and transform it into insight on what our customers value. To be truly successful, we need to turn insight into informed actions our people can take. This is the value that Vizia 2 enables us to unlock.”

Mark Clarke, Senior Director of Analytics, Unilever

Dell + Vizia 2

“Our vision at Dell is to really understand our customers and as a result, how our business is aligned to needs and impact. Vizia 2 leverages the power of visual content to deliver insight to our business from all sides of the house. We recognize the ability to mentally process images 60x faster than text and this helps our people to quickly assess and take action.”

Alison Herzog, Director, Global Social Business Strategy, Dell

M&S + Vizia 2

“I'm passionate about bringing the voice of our customers into every M&S environment. Vizia 2 has been really beneficial and allows our business to become more insight led.”

Pete Williams, Head of Enterprise Analytics, M&S

Unilever + Vizia 2

“It is empowering to see the stories you’ve crafted in front of important people in your organisation. Vizia allows us to create and annotate our analytics stories in a way we want to, and The Hub puts us all in full control of distribution.”

Ash Tapia, Digital Data Analytics Manager, Unilever

Your World

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