Measuring Campaign ROI Using Social Media Analytics

To truly understand the results of your campaign, you need the big picture.

Using Nike and other real world examples, we’ll take you through the metrics that are important and how to use them.

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Measuring Campaign ROI Using Social Media Analytics

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So you’ve invested a lot of time, effort, and capital into a major campaign for your brand or client. It’s time to show that the campaign was worth the costs that went into it, but how do you showcase the full impact of a campaign. Campaign success isn’t solely measured by an uptick in sales.

Measuring campaign success on consumer opinion in online channels can provide a key piece of the puzzle. Tracking campaign performance across channels like Twitter, Instagram, Reddit and more gives honest, thoughtful insights into the perception people have on your campaign (and if it impacted that perception on your brand as a whole).

Did people discuss your campaign online? For how long? Was it positive or negative conversation? Did it leave a lasting impact on your brand reputation? Using social analytics, brands and agencies can measure these insights, and more, to determine whether or not people enjoyed your campaign, and where it needs improvement.

We analyzed Nike’s Colin Kaepernick campaign as an example of the power that a social listening platform can provide when tracking campaign performance. Download our free guide


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