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Ditch the Label

We worked with Ditch the Label on this groundbreaking research looking into cyberbullying and hate speech online. In the report we uncover that:

  • Politics is the topic most likely to receive bullying remarks, followed by topics relating to sport and food.
  • 7.7m Tweets featured racially insensitive language, men sent 59% of these.
  • You are most likely to experience cyberbullying on Twitter between 5pm-8pm on a Sunday.

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Award-winning anti-bullying charity Ditch the Label and Brandwatch teamed up to tackle questions surrounding hate speech and online bullying.

The project captured a total of 19 million tweets from the US and the UK over the span of four years, to better understand progress and challenges across the key areas.

The aim of this research is to provide supportive data and practical advice for campaigns hoping to change bullying and discrimination across the social web.