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Published July 7th 2015

Our New Mission: Connecting Social to Dollars

Today we’re sharing our new mission for the company.

In a nutshell, we’ve been thinking about exactly what marketers need.

What if you could use the social web to easily get fast, reliable, insightful answers into which marketing activities and investments were creating the best dollar returns?

And if you could do that at scale, so that those answers and insights were provided proactively, tailored and distributed to thousands of internal stakeholders, across tens or even hundreds of departments and lines of business within the organization?

What if those results were harvested from as much of the social web as possible and blended with non-social data – your own proprietary sales, as well as smoothly integrated with other third party data sets like weather and location?

Finally, what if the dollar value outcomes, the various returns, weren’t hidden away but were actively highlighted and visualized so that it was easy to drill into what really matters?

At Brandwatch we know this is what our clients need, and we’re working restlessly to deliver it.

We call it enterprise social intelligence.

Introducing our mission

As leaders in enterprise social intelligence, our new mission is a commitment to help marketers better prove the ROI of their marketing with smart, fast, insightful answers from social, at scale.

So we’re taking our customers on a new journey.

A journey to make it quicker and easier to show the ROI of marketing, and to connect social to dollars, we’re going beyond keywords.


We believe enterprise social intelligence has four components:

  1. Conversations – your answers from social that are discovered through keywords and content
  2. People – creating custom audiences and segments to really understand the ‘who’
  3. Places – unlocking the power of ‘where’ through enriched social location data
  4. Images – integrating images and video to understand the full impact of your footprint

We’ll be sharing more detail in the following weeks on the exciting innovations we’ve been working on to deliver this mission, including our plans for a ground-breaking audience product – the ‘people’ part of Enterprise Social Intelligence.

And today – because we want to make it quicker and easier to find the full impact of your content marketing – we’re releasing the links: operator as another way of tracking mentions beyond keywords and better understanding the spread of your content.

The links: operator tracks when people share your content on Twitter, even if they don’t mention your brand or if they use a link shortener. If you’re a client, you can find out more about it here.

This is just the beginning.

Never settle. #GoBeyond.

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