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Case Study

Cathay Pacific

In this case study, learn how Cathay Pacific uses social data to help inform the whole business, globally.

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“Brandwatch helps us measure how many people are currently talking about an issue. This allows us to gauge how big the impact is. We can then be proactive with our updates and any communications with passengers.”

Priscilla Chok, Cathay Pacific

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Since its inception in 1946 Cathay Pacific has been awarded the ‘World’s Best Airline’ four times, more than any other airline, and in 2015 announced record profits. Business is going very well at Hong Kong’s official airline.

With over 23,000 employees worldwide, the seamless distribution of information is paramount.
The digital marketing team at Cathay Pacific works very closely with different entities, such as the corporate communication department and the customer service team, both of which they share knowledge, information and insights.