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7 Mistakes Marketers Make and How to Avoid Them

This report highlights essential marketing research to help you avoid common mistakes. Read it to discover:

  • The experiment that increased jam sales by 100x ?
  • How Ben & Jerry’s improved online ads by 25% ?
  • The advertisement that 1/3 of consumers hate ?
  • How LateRooms converted 30% of its social engagements ?
  • The idea that boosted beer sales by 2.5x ?

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“This fascinating report finally sheds light on something some marketers are all to ready to shy away from – their mistakes. 

It does a great job of highlighting seminal research conducted over the last 50 years and mixing it with modern day social listening technology. 

The report not only helps marketers notice where they’ve gone wrong, but also highlights tangible ways to improve.”

Matt Navarra – Director of Social Media, TNW