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Social Analyst Playbook: Future-proof your social insights

The market research landscape is evolving as tools become more self-serving, data becomes more prevalent and companies increasingly claim to be “data-driven”.

We spoke to three experts to get their thoughts on these changes and where they view social analytics fitting into any company. In this playbook, learn:

  • the foundation of the social analyst
  • the importance of a solid methodology
  • how to set up social analyses to answer any business question

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“The perfect tool does not exist. What does exist however is a set of tools that fits perfectly within your social analytics requirements, business requirements, long term vision, and budget.”

Ben Donkor, Director of Research and Insights, We Are Social

One of the most common setbacks for marketing and consumer insights teams implementing social analytics is not knowing the fundamentals. Yet the business opportunities for social analyses are only growing.

From the very basics to expert implementation, learn from three of the leading minds in consumer insights how to get the most out of social analysis.


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